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IBS VS IBD? No colonoscopy

Recurrent explosive diarrhea for 2 years?

Recurrent explosive diarrhea (once a month for 2 years) often right after eating fatty foods? (Also low b12?)

25 male. Roughly two years ago I started having recurring diarrhea. Typically once or twice a month I would have a total blowout which was always almost totally corrected the next movement. I would get terrible cramping and rushing water noises from my abdomen. However this pain went away the moment a movement was finished. My doctor did a sample for parasites etc, Clear. Doctor did ESR to check inflammatory markers which was clear. The only oddities were mildly low B12 indicating some level of malabsorption, and slightly low MPV which I’ve heard means not much but can be associated with IBD. Anyway as I’ve worked on my diet being better the episodes have gotten further between but still once a month or every other month I get the runs. With very bad cramping. I am more gassy on average as well in general and I often get cramps even with normal movements. Doc said without any ESR levels being raised or weight loss it’s unlikely any IBD and to be fair a friend I have with Crohns does second that in his experience. Plus he said my pain going away the moment a movement is done isn’t par for the course with Crohns, is that true?

In the end the doc said it’s likely IBS, it started after moving and major life changes so the stress part fits. It’s intermittent but still fairly far apart and the pain is gone with a movement. They said a colonoscopy is out of the question unless I lose weight or develops more serious symptoms. I get IBS is common and IBD more rare, still I can’t help but worry and would just appreciate your input and experiences related to mine.

Also food sensitivities are mostly ruled out, negative celiac gene(s) I eat dairy enough I really doubt that could be it without more frequent issues, it just seems like it’s real fatty foods that do it (red meats, fast foods, cottage cheese etc)

Anyway is this concerning? Never seen a GI but the symptoms are just frequent enough it’s concerning but just Infrequent enough it’s never been majorly investigated with a scope or anything.

(There was a tiny bit of blood once but doc said I had a rectal tear at the time)
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I have found certain foods trigger diarrhea.  Nightshade plants and chicken. I kept a diary and it helps to identify.  If I just have to have one of those items I take Metamucil before I eat and it helps
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Good idea and Metamucil comes in gummies now too!
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