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I had sex with 2 guys 2 weeks and 2 days apart?

I had sex with guy A july 24th and guy b August 10th. I went and got a dating ultrasound and they said I likely concieved august 5, which is the starts of my ovulation. The end of my ovulation is August 10th. Its a little confusing but i had gotten sick and got tested for pregnancy on August 13th at the hospital. I'm thinking it is guy B because it would've been to early to show up and I tested 3 weeks after guy A negative.
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Hi, Beth, ovulation happens in an instant, not for five days. Your app might have been projecting a likely range of when you might get pregnant based on the longer life of the sperm, but the egg itself pops out of the ovary (that is what ovulation is) and then is only viable 24-36 hours if it is not fertilized. Sperm, however, can last 4-6 days in your body. (That's where most apps get the length of time they give for a conception time period -- if you had sex 4 days prior to when your ovulate, the sperm could be waiting and ready.)

How far along did they say you were in weeks GA (gestational age) when you got the "dating ultrasound?" Was it super early in your pregnancy (such as, the 6th or 7th week)?
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They said I was around 14 to 15 weeks, a couple days ago
I had sex 12 days before with guy A and 5 days after my first ovulation day with Guy B. He would've been I'm my ovulation period so im thinking guy B
I also think it could guy B because I tested negative 3 weeks after the first guy at the hospital, but I could be wrong because I don't know how much of this works
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I did read what you said about the test at the hospital. But was it a urine-based test or a blood test? Did it happen first thing in the morning, before you peed or drank any fluids?

What you are trying to determine is the chance that sperm from the 24th lasted until the 3oth and got you pregnant around then (if that is when you ovulated). This would be a rather early ovulation compared to what you think happened from your app, but apps are only based on averages, and women don't always ovulate when apps think they will. The first guy's sperm would not need to last longer than normal to get you pregnant around the 30th. If that is what happened, the 13th would have been only 2 weeks from conception.

If the pregnancy test at the hospital was urine-based, although there are ultra-sensitive home tests that can catch a pregnancy two weeks after conception, the kind of urine tests used at hospitals often aren't that sensitive. (They're more like the kind where you have to miss a period before the test will detect the hCG.) This would have meant that the test on the 13th could be a false negative.

Anyway, while a negative test on the 13th and your app telling you that your likeliest time to have sex in order to get pregnant began on the 5th both suggest (to some extent) that the sex on the 24th didn't produce the pregnancy, a blood-based test on the 13th would have been more certain than a urine-based test for this purpose. If your early pregnancy test at the hospital was from a blood draw, you can rely on it. But if it was urine-based, I'd almost suggest you ignore the pregnancy test entirely (especially if it was not done with concentrated urine), and look at different evidence.

When you had your first ultrasound, was that when they said you were 14-15 weeks along, or did you have an earlier ultrasound? Especially, what estimated due date did they give you, based on an ultrasound and not on when your last period was?
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It was a urine test, when I got my ultrasound they said it was possible that I had concieved on August 5th, because they had said based on the scan I would've had my period the end of july then my ovulation period is from August 5th to the 10th. I was wondering if the sperm from 24th could've lived until August 5th or even to the 10th or it is more likely that guy B is the father and the test would not have shown up positive because I took it a few days after we had sex. But it came back negative for the first guy 3 weeks after
I'm sorry if that doesnt make much sense, but I did not have an earlier ultrasound. Thank you so much for answering my questions. I'm really trying to find peace about who it could be. Im hoping it is guy B because I was with him but guy A was not consensual
I was thinking since the first guy came back negative 3 weeks after we had intercourse that the test could've been accurate. I was also thinking if it is guy B then it would've still been to early to tell because me and him had intercourse just a few days before the test. I hope that makes sense
I understand everything you are saying. Just wish you would take a few minutes and carefully read what I wrote already.
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Here is the problem. The 5th is too early for you to ovulate and then get pregnant on the 10th. The egg does not last that long. But also, a 14th-15th week ultrasound has a margin for error of more than a week if used to try to determine when conception was. Some doctors would say it has a 2-week margin for error.

It is often more useful to use your estimated due date from an ultrasound to try to figure this out, but even that won't be very accurate because your ultrasound was not early enough to be very precise.
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I got an ultrasound at 15 weeks, and they had said based on how far along I am I most likely concieved during that time. They said they picked the 5th as the day because they don't know exactly what day of my ovulation period is was. If it was still to early then which guy would it be because the first guy was a negative 3 weeks after. I wish there was a way to know for sure
There are a couple of more things still to come that might give you a clue. I'll mention them below.

Also, I wish you would read more carefully what I wrote about you saying "the first guy was negative three weeks after." That is not so -- his sperm can live in your body after sex for 4-6 days and still be viable (still get you pregnant that many days after the sex). That means you could have ovulated and gotten pregnant 6 days later than the 24th. That would make the negative test more like two weeks after the meeting of sperm and egg (conception) that produced the baby. And using a urine-based test (of the type that hospitals use) with non-concentrated urine might not give you an accurate answer. You could have already been pregnant but your urine just didn't have enough pregnancy hormone in it to register. (You're supposed to use concentrated, first-morning urine when you take a pregnancy test that early, and so not only did you likely not use a very sensitive test, it also was diluted urine.)

One way to try to guess is, if you get an ultrasound at around your 18th week, they should tell you if the baby is a boy or a girl. If the baby is a boy it is more likely to come from the second guy.

If the baby's size markers stay right in the middle of the range of growth, and the doctor checks the due date each time and gives you the same due date based on new ultrasound measurements each time, that would tend to support their original date assessment.

Finally, if you can put together the bucks for a prenatal DNA test, you could test with both guys or either guy any time. Prenatal DNA tests cost almost ten times as much as DNA tests done after the baby comes, so this is not something a pregnant woman might be able to do if money is a serious concern. But since the first guy raped you, it seems like a lawyer could get him to pay for the test. (He really should be made to understand that you could charge him with rape. Have you? If so, a judge might make him pay for a prenatal test.)
At first I didn't understand what you had meant about the sperm living that long but I understand now that you've explained it that way. If it's a girl would that make it the first guys. I'm not sure on how gender plays a roll but I will definitely pay attention at my next ultrasound. If I can't figure out with the tips at my next ultrasound, I might have to get a DNA test. If the measurements and the date assessment are the same is it safe to say it's the second guy?
Well, maybe. The problem is, sometimes doctors just go with the date that the first doctor gave, even if the measurements might suggest something different at the new ultrasound. So you would have to be really sure that the due date is based on the measurement each time you have a new ultrasound. And then it leaves you with the problem, the estimate of the 5th for conception is too late for guy number 1 and too early for guy number 2, which goes to show that your ultrasound evidence was not precise in the first place (which it wouldn't be at 14-15 weeks anyway). What estimated due date did they give you when you had your ultrasound?
Also, you asked if it's a girl would that make it the first guy's -- did you have a period anywhere in this time frame that you remember?
I had started my period july 27th. The 14almost 15 weeks is from the ultrasound. The first doctor who had guessed my EDD at the end of may, so that has changed. The new EDD is May 3rd. I think it is the second guys cause I did have a period and I wasnt ovulated at the time, also the first test came back negative 3 weeks after what had happened. Like you said the sperm could've lived that long tho. At the time of the ultrasound I had asked when they suggested I conceived and they said they based it of the babies measurements, that I had my period at the end of july and that I ovulated on the 5th or sometime within the following days. They were just trying to give me a possible day. I dont know if that makes any difference than before, but I did ask them when it could've happened. I had also mentioned that I didn't have sex on August 5th, I had sex on the 10th they said it could be possible they were just trying to put a date out there. That is why its between 14-15 because it can vary a few days. I didn't feel very satisfied with the answer I had got so I came on here to ask.
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Thanks for mentioning that you had a period that began on July 27. (I assume you know this for a fact and the doctor didn't just calculate that you must have had one around then?)

If you had a period on July 27, it means two things. One is, you were not ovulating on July 24. It would have been more like around July 13. Women ovulate two weeks before the next period, not 3 days before it. And the other is, you weren't pregnant. A period arriving indicates "not pregnant."

Based on you having had a period after sex with the other guy, and also on when you ovulated in the previous month, it sounds like you did ovulate on the (9th or) 10th. The pregnancy test could be explained away and the ultrasound was too late for the precision measurement you would like, but your period makes clear that you didn't get pregnant from the guy on the 24th.
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Okay thank you so much for taking the time answering my questions. I was just worried and curious.
Having a period after having had sex with someone is proof that you didn't get pregnant from that sex. Don''t worry.
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