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I'm very confused please help?!!

Okay so i had my last period on October 2017 I'm irregular so i don't remember what day but i could say it was maybe by the 18-25 but i could say that from 25-31st i was definitely not on my period anymore because i was sexually active on the 28th and 29th of October On November 5 2017 we had sexual intercourse again by the way we have never use protection but on Nov 8 i had intercourse with a different person I'm now 13 weeks and 1 day the Doc. Said my due date is on aug 1st 2018 that makes my conception datw nov 8 but it says i was on my period by the 29th of October but that isn't true because i know for sure i wasn't on my period on the 29th Of October but the date they gave me is due to the ultrasound.. I need help can the ultrasound be wrong? Did i really conceive on nov 8?
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Hi, you're apparently making a few assumptions.

You sound like you think that if an ultrasound indicates that you conceived on November 8, you had to have sex on exactly November 8 to get pregnant. But that is a false assumption. Sperm can last up to 5 or 6 days in your body, meaning the sex on November 5 could have as easily gotten you pregnant as the sex on November 8 (if you conceived on November 8). You would have had viable sperm from both partners in your body at the same time, on November 8 (if that is an accurate date, and it would only be that accurate if your ultrasound was earlier than your 8th week).

Also, you say "the Doc. Said my due date is on aug 1st 2018 that makes my conception datw nov 8 but it says i was on my period by the 29th of October but that isn't true because i know ..." etc. etc. etc. If the doctor told you from an ultrasound that your due date is August 1, that does not indicate your period would have come on October 29. Besides, if your cycles are irregular, when your last period actually came could have been a totally different date than two weeks before conception. Ovulation is the leading event and the period is the following event, not the other way around. An ovulation usually guarantees a period will come in 2 weeks. But a period guarantees nothing about when the next ovulation will come. Ovulation comes when the brain decides it's time to ovulate. Women who are irregular have ovulation whenever the body decides to, and then periods two weeks after that point when the body figures out that the uterine lining wasn't needed that month to support a baby. So you saying stuff about your period not being on at a given time is irrelevant. What matter is what the doctor saw on the ultrasound, and when in your pregnancy the ultrasound was.

Ultrasounds can give a pretty good guess at when conception was if they are early in the pregnancy. But not later in the pregnancy. Even at 12 weeks, doctors will tell the women the margin for error is +/- 7 days, and at 40 weeks, the margin for error is +/- 3 weeks. If your ultrasound was in your 6th week, it should be accurate with a margin for error of +/- about 1 day. But it is not going to solve your problem even if so, because if it does point to conception on the 8th of November, it points to both men as possible dads. How early was the ultrasound that gave you the due date of August 1?
Thanks for your comment @Annie !!! I was 8 weeks and 6 days on Dec 28th 2017 when i got my first ultrasound
And that was when you were given the due date of August 1?
OK, well, at 8 weeks 6 days, the margin for error is going to be at least 3 days either way . Also, are you sure of 8 weeks 6 days on December 28? Because that counts back to conception on November 10 (not including the margin for error), not November 8. (Unless you got the December 28 date wrong, it's hard to guess where the doctor got the November 8 figure if he said you were 8 weeks 6 days then.)

The long and short of it is that you need  a DNA test. Test with both men, so the positive result for one guy confirms the negative for the other. If you do drop the big money and test before the baby comes, use Ravgen or the DDC. Their tests cost a lot, but they don't harm the baby and you would know. If you wait until after the baby comes, you will save a lot on your DNA testing. Talk to a lawyer or the clerk at the family courts in your area of jurisdiction about how to get both guys to test if there is a problem.
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