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Who is the father?

Okay I’m just having insane amounts of second guessing and doubting everything!!! Some days are worse then others and some days it’s all I can even think about! I have told my current partner (which is my ex) that I slept with someone else but I didn’t tell him he finished inside of me or how long I was with the guy, so maybe that’s why my guilt feels so extreme. Basically I’m 25w3d pregnant. Back in August I had unprotected sex with Guy A and he finished inside me every time and that was a consistent week from Aug 14-20th. I actually was due for my period around Aug 15th but never got it. I traveled back home on the 20th then the 21st I got my period? Or so says my Flo app and I do remember one day where I was at the water park and ended up having to leave cause I thought 1 tampon would be good for me but ended up bleeding through heavily!!! Well fast forward to Sept 3rd and my ex which is also my current partner (got back with him after the positive pregnancy test) came to visit me for the week Sept 3-7 we also had sex unprotected consistently but he pulled out each time, there may have been 1 time or 2 he was a little late I saw it on his face but I can’t get the fact that he still did pull out every single time. Sept 25th I got my positive test and the doctor say my due date is May 28th. Who is more likely the father and when more likely did I conceive ???
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At what point in the pregnancy did your doctor tell you that your due date is May 28? Was it from an ultrasound?
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(I.e., was the estimate of your due date from the doctor looking at an ultrasound?)
I see you're not online here right now, so will add, if the doctor gave you an estimated due date based on an ultrasound, and if it was relatively early in the pregnancy, it doesn't sound like you have anything to worry about. All the dates from the doctor's e.d.d. suggest you got pregnant in the first week of September. And you *did* have a period after the first guy, you said. And, as you probably have read by now, pulling out doesn't do much to prevent pregnancy.
No I told my doctor my LMP was Aug 21st and she asked if I was sure I said about 80-90% then she dated me and after that we did an ultrasound but she just gave me a picture and didn’t say anything else about it. I wasn’t able to get an early ultrasound so I got one at 15 weeks. The anatomy scan was dating 2 days ahead but she didn’t change the date
I’ll add my anatomy scan was at 20weeks. The guy I was with in Aug was taking some kind of pills to help his fertility even though he is only 24? He said his dad had issues down the road and he wanted to get a head start on him not having that issue so idk if he was telling the truth about that or what or if that makes it more likely to be his??  I definitely don’t want it to be the guy from Aug that was a crazy manic mistake that I have to live with. I wasn’t going to get back with my ex either until I saw the positive test. The other guy didn’t even pop into my mind until AFTER I got back with my ex then it just has been eating me up!
If the anatomy scan was only 2 days off at 20 weeks, it sounds like you got pregnant by the second guy.
If I were to go based off the first guy and I know for sure I had my period July 14-19 how many weeks would I have been at anatomy scan?? Sorry I do appreciate you replying so much and taking your time to help out!
My anatomy scan was Jan 10th
You're asking how many weeks there are between July 14 and January 10? That would be 26 weeks 3 days.
(And, if you think a doctor would look at an anatomy scan and confuse a baby that is really 26 weeks for a baby that is 20 weeks, think again.)  :-)
Thank you! So I can pretty much assume it’s the second guy from September due to the baby measurements in the 20 week scan??
You can assume it's the second guy for all the reasons in your story. You had a period after sex with the first guy. You had an ultrasound at 15 weeks and another at 20 weeks. Your doctor has told you a due date that indicates conception was in early September. No doctor would look at an ultrasound and tell you the baby is 20 weeks when it is really 26 weeks. You've got all the proof.  
Thank you for replying! I guess I’m still having doubts in my mind and am just feeling guilty. Do you think having the sex two weeks apart would be hard to tell who it is?? And my period was super late in august by 7 days! So I wonder if that was really implantation bleeding I had the 21st and my mind is just saying I had my period. But if I did get pregnant by the Aug 14-20 encounter I would be 26 weeks pregnant??? I’m so Sorry again I’m just confused and my nerves have the better of me some days more then others.
Once you have an ultrasound, your last period date doesn't matter. The ultrasound measures the actual baby, and that tells the story. A trained ultrasound tech and doctor read ultrasounds, and gave you a due date based on the size and developmental markers of the baby. That due date indicates conception was in early September.
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