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Abscess help!

I'v just noticed a big abscess above my tooth, i already know i need root canal treatment for the tooth but my dentist can't take me for another week. Is it safe to wait that long without anti-biotics or treatment?
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seeing an endodontist is advised.
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Call your dentist and tell him about this because he cannot do anything with an infection going on, and will prescribe antibiotics for you. You will then be okay by the time you see him.  Also, ask if he is going to be doing the root canal, if he is you don't need to see an Endodontist and it will save you a lot of money.  If he doesn't do root canals, find a dentist who does.
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Do not allow a general dentist to perform your root canal therapy.  General dentists have minimal training in root canal procedures.  Endodontists go for an additional 24 months after dentatl school.  There is a reason for this.  Root Canal therapy done by an endodontist who performs microscopic endodontics is very successful.  Unforturnately dentists performing root canal procedures without the training, tools, and experience of endodontists have a much higher failure rate.  You should plan to pay a little more and have root canal done correctly by an endodontist the first time than looking for a bargain and having to pay the price in the future ------- pain, endodontic retreatment, and possibly tooth loss.
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I'm almost 60, have had 7 root canals, all done by a dentist many years ago and have had no problems.  A dentist will not do a root canal unless he is trained to do so as they also know the risks.  So, if you can find a dentist that does root canals, save yourself some big bucks and stay with the dentist.
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You seem to trust your dentist that did your root canal.  I felt I was conned by dentist into doing my root canal, cause I had no pain before he poked on my tooth and I felt pain (don't know how he poke, or maybe he was digging into my gum line or something), but he concluded that I needed root canal.  Now, I am experiencing blooding at the root canaled tooth.
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