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Broken Tooth getting worse even with antibiotics?

I've had a broken tooth for about 3 years now and it's never bothered me.
About 3 weeks ago I started having immense pain in my tooth so I scheduled an appointment with a dentist. A few days later I was told I have a necrotic tooth and that I could have a root canal or have it extracted. With no insurance I had to opt to have the tooth extracted. The dentist gave me some antibiotics and scheduled me for the extraction. I had two days left on my mess and I didn't finish them. I went in for the appointment and they couldn't remove it because my blood pressure was too high. The next two I spent in agony because I didn't finish my med. when I went in the dentist told me the infection came back and was resistant. He prescribed me new antibiotics and said he'd see me in a week. Tomorrow is the last day of my mess and I see the dentist 3 days from now. The pain in my face and jaw has gone away and the bad taste from my tooth is minimal. My tooth doesn't really hurt that much either. But now the gum around my tooth has swollen immensely. It doesn't really hurt unless I mess with it. And today it started leaking puss. I've read some stuff about what's called an "abscess tooth" and I've learned that they can be life threatening. Should I be worried? Is this supposed to happen or is the infection getting worse? Should I seek emergency medical attention? I really don't know what to do.
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Seeing a dentist is advised.
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