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Extracted Molar but still painful

I had a molar extracted 5 days ago. The dentist put in sutures and I've followed all of the instructions
to the T. I still have on and off pain as if the tooth is still there (it isn;t) and asking if anyone else has had
this happen?

I'm even doing extra salt/water rinses after everything I eat so not a food on socket issue, what could
this possibly be?

Thanks in advance.
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Hi, sorry you have pain. Do you have a fever? Also, is your pain really bad or just a ache? You usually get some pain after an extraction, but you could get a. Infection.  So it's best to report it to the dentist.  They can take a look and maybe an xray. At least you will know.
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It's not uncommon to experience some discomfort after a molar extraction, even with proper care. The on-and-off pain you're feeling might be a part of the normal healing process.

However, if the pain persists or becomes more severe, there could be other factors at play. It's possible that there's a developing issue such as dry socket, infection, irritation of nearby nerves, or even residual root fragments.

I recommend reaching out to your dentist for a follow-up examination. They can assess the extraction site, possibly take an X-ray, and determine the cause of the continued discomfort. In the meantime, continue with your diligent oral hygiene practices, including the saltwater rinses.

Remember, individual cases can vary, and a professional evaluation is the best way to address specific concerns. I hope you find relief soon.
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