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Constant on and off Pain on my Upper Left Tooth I had alot of fillings

So I had alot of fillings on both of my front teeth back in January and just recently last Sunday I've been getting pain so I went to the dentist on Tuesday they did X-rays and did not find anything for the cause of the pain and said maybe it's from alot of the fillings so they prescribed me steroids and another Pain Reliever as it helped somewhat the pain keeps coming on and off throughout the day especially at night and in the morning it's hot and cold sensitive but now the pain is to the point where I'm holding ice near my teeth but when I stop using the ice the pain lingers even longer it feels like a radiating constant pain in my tooth Should I get a root canal? And will that stop the pain?
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Seeing an endodontist to rule out pulp pathology is advised. If endodontic consultation reveals no pulp pathology, seeing an orofacial pain specialist to rule out non-odontogenic toothache is advised.
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