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Dentist is closed and have a abscess problem

Okay i woke up this morning with pain in the gum. I looked in the mirror and my abscess grew in size. Before it was small and now it's well really big. It hurts when i press down on it and there's puss coming out of it. Oh and my upper lip is swollen. I'm not sure what to do now. The dentist is closed due to really bad snow. I could try calling up other dentist and see if there open. Though the nearest one is 13 mins away. I've been rinsing my mouth out with salt water. So any ideas on what to do.  
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Hi and sorry your in pain, with an abscess you have an infection and if its getting worse the infection could be spreading. You need to be treated asap. I would make the 13 min dentist visit today for sure.
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Thanks for all.
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