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Furry cracked tongue

Hey guys,

so I have this issue that I am struggling for years now. I went through countless doctors, treatments, tests... without success.
Instead of explaining, I think it'll be much easier to show you some pictures. Three different problems here: the huge central crack, side cracks (the severity changes) and the white coating / hair. I also have really really dry mouth.


It's ruining my life, as it feels (and looks) horrible and I can't speak properly. Anybody with a similar issue? Any advice?

Thank you.
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Any updates on what solved your tongue problems?
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This is an area of concern which I feel I can help you. Dry mouth is quite common. The technical name is Xerostomia. It sounds bad, but it is quite solvable.  What we have to do is figure out what is causing the dry mouth condition. Usually it is from the side effects of a medication or two. Sometimes it is marijuana use. And, occasionally it is from breathing with the mouth open while sleeping.  No matter the cause, the problem has caused the naturally occurring candida albicans (yeast) to take over and grow too much, thus creating problems.  This is called being an "opportunistic pathogen". The oral flora has a delicate balance and when the balance is interfered with by medications or other factors it results in a candida infection. Here's what you can do:  1-get a prescription from your dentist for a rinse called "Nystatin Swish". You will use it a couple of times a day, swishing for 30-60 seconds and then SWALLOWING the rinse.  This will do wonders for the white "fur" that is growing on your tongue. 2-buy Biotene from the store (walmart, any pharmacy) and use it as directed. I recommend putting the Biotene in a little finger pump spray bottle (from the cosmetics section) and during the night spraying it in your mouth when you briefly wake up. This will do wonders for your cracked tongue.  3-buy a tongue scraper and scrape the white coating off as many times a day as you feel like it, BUT DO NOT SCRAPE too more than three times a day while you're getting used to the scraper. 4-Eat lots of yogurt with live cultures. I prefer Greek yogurt.  5-Completely avoid anything with alcohol in it. This means mouthwashes and drinks. These dry the oral tissues out and make the problem even worse.  Try all of these things and I think you'll see a huge improvement. Give it a month before giving up. Let me know how it goes and we can work together to tweak things if necessary.  Good luck.
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