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Help! What is causing my beautiful teeth to break?

I have always had pretty decent teeth, and within the last year or so all that has changed. There are several factors I think might need to be looked in to, but my doctors don't have the same kind of urgency about this as I do. It all started with severe mouth and tongue pain about 2 years ago, which has never resolved itself and was never able to be diagnosed as anything specific. They were never able to pinpoint the cause of this even with a biopsy. This makes eating quite painful and sometimes altogether extremely difficult and I'm sure causes me to chew on my teeth in a way that might cause some damage. The first tooth that broke, happened eating something soft. It broke right down to the gumline. The next one cracked in half vertically, the same for the third. The fourth I believe had a filing in it at one point but it is chipping around the area where that one was. It is effecting my back molars. And effecting two crowns I already have which at this point need to be completely re-done. But it's terrifying me as I do not have the funds to take on a dental bill like this right now. Which is going to probably be a follow up question to this one. I am currently prescribed and take 200mg Topamax a day as a mood stabilizer along with 200mg zoloft. I often wonder if the Topamax might have anything to do with it. I was also recently diagnosed with vitamin B12 deficiency anemia. My blood panel didn't show anything wildly out of the ordinary other than that. What might cause something like this to happen? I take care of my teeth.
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