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In desperate need of advice... lengthy but please read entirely it all is important

A little background, I have never had a cavity a day in my life, not even as a kid. In fact the only thing I've ever gotten done at the dentist from youth till now, age 32, is a cleaning and routine stuff. Nothing out of the ordinary. Flash forward a lot of years, age 31. I don't remember the time from when I had my last dental visit between teenager to now. Anyways, I went to the dentist on October 27, 2015 to be exact. I was having tooth pain. I thought I had my first cavity. But it just ended up being plaque under my gums from not going to the dentist in all those years. A cleaning fixed that right up. I had no more problems with my teeth. They did x-rays found a chipped tooth number 11 from me biting down on my tongue ring. I was supposed to went back the following week to let them fix it, but I was scared.

I've been having headaches and ear aches since September 2015. But I just brushed it off as a sinus headache. Because I did have sinus stuff going on too. I think things got worse in December 2015. The pain was an 8, still they told me it was my sinuses. January the pain was up to a 10+ so, I went to the emergency room. they did a ct scan found nothing gave me a morphine shot which didnt help told me to follow up with a neurologist and a ear nose throat specialist. I saw the ear nose throat specialist first january 29, i thought she was going to run tests but she looks in my ear with the same tool as everyone else has been using said nothing was wrong with my ear. My ear pain felt like my eardrum was busting open that's how bad it was. She asked me if i had my wisdom teeth i told her yes. She said open up my mouth, she said you're biting your gums so that means it's your wisdom teeth.

Okay now, I went to the dentist February 1, 2016. My words to them was I need to get my wisdom teeth checked, not pulled. They did an x-ray of my wisdom teeth, because apparently I moved and it didnt show all my teeth. Put in mind I haven't seen the dentist yet, the lady that has been dealing with me came and asked me if they can pull my teeth that day someone cancelled, I told them I would have to be put to sleep for that. I have no tolerance for pain, and i am somewhat scared of needles. The dentist finally comes in, he not once looked in my mouth. I kept asking him are you sure i need my teeth pulled, he said yes. I was like I just went to the dentist less than 6 months ago, i couldn't remember when i went and this is a different dentist from Oct they couldn't see me till the 5th and i had to know then, and they didnt say anything about my wisdom teeth then. To make a long story short he said it was infected (can they get infected in less than 3 months?), and that they can cause headache and earache. Oh I left out a key factor, I was NOT feeling any pain in my mouth at all. Shoot my mouth felt good. So, despite my hesitation, I gave in and let them pull them. I only had the lower, my upper ones haven't came in. So, they did the iv thing and gave me something in a needle i think. i drifted off. I wasn't awake for the numbing thank God, but i came to as they was pulling tooth number one, i was scared and i felt something so they numbed it more, he pulled at the tooth it came out without a problem, from google i'm assuming that tooth wasn't impacted. from the xray it didn't look like it would be hard to get. But tooth number two, it was impacted. And I was fully aware of everything he was doing, just not alert enough to say stop. He kept pulling yanking and yanking and pulling but that tooth didnt want to budge, when that didn't work he started using something else i dont know what it was, so he would alternate between the yanking and pulling and that other tool. It did finally come out, he didn't fully stitch this tooth said it was too close to my other teeth for him to do it, so it was left open. something didnt feel right. All the information that I know i got from google, but even then it only tells you so much. I wish my story ended there. Week one: The pain kept getting worse instead of better. I called that office everyday to make sure what i was feeling was normal. On one occasion they said it was normal, one occasion they said its not dry socket or you would've developed it wednesday, (i called them that day too), another day i had teeth sensitivity. They say brush more. Every occasion, they told me i didn't need to come in. Well, Saturday i ran out of pain pills had to go to the er, they put me on an antibiotic, gave me tylenol 3 told me to follow up with the dentist. Week two: I was still in pain monday morning so i called the dentist, they told me i shouldnt still be in pain come in. it ended up being dry socket, what they told me i didn't have in week one. he just kept saying it was a very difficult extraction. put some type of paste or something and put a gauze there. i was fine.started healing nicely. still had a little pain but I was taking Motrin, so I was good. Sometime during that week I started finding it painful for me to talk, eat, cough, (i ended up getting a really nasty cold). Something was literally poking my tongue. I thought it was the stitches I was feeling i felt it on both sides of my tongue. Week three: The poking was very unbearable so i went to the dentist again thursday Feb 18. They told me it was bones that was sticking me, not stitches (is this normal after an extraction, according to google its normal when you have surgery or trauma during extraction?) he said he'd file it down and i'll start back healing. He only did one side, the side with the difficult extraction, said he didnt see anything on the other side. as soon as the numbing wore off, i felt the poking again. By this time i was fed up with this particular dentist. I called around and practically begged another dentist to see me. Nobody wanted to touch what someone else did. I finally convinced the dentist I went to in October to see me. He said they didnt do a good job of filing done the bone. so, he sawed into my gums both sides, the side they didnt do took more time. he said the healing will be set back a couple of days but it should get better now. NO, that's still not the end. I saw him Friday, Sunday my mouth was feeling weird, i couldn't drink normally, i had to use a straw or it bothered my gums. I still have to use a straw. Monday i started feeling the bone again on the difficult extraction side. And sometime later in the week i started feeling the bone on the other side. And it's painful again. About three maybe four days ago i started feeling sensitivity all over my teeth. And my mouth is really sore and it has a little swelling. I have not been able to live without Motrin since Ive had my teeth pulled. Ive gone all day without taking it, but by the end of the day i'm crying in pain. Its so bad that the Motrin has started eating at my stomach and causing me stomach complications. So, i have to come off. Today I took the tylenol 3 that i got from the er visit that i never took. I am literally terrified of going back to the dentist. What should i do? Has anyone else had this experience?
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