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Left sided tooth pain and left eye twitching

I started having eye twitching on the upper left eyelid, sometimes lower eyelid, too, one week ago. Then a couple days later I started having bad pain on that left side in my mouth, the teeth, both upper and lower and gums hurt and ache, especially with hot and cold and sometimes just eating in general.

I went to the dentist Tuesday and found out I have 8 cavities. I couldn't believe it. Four of the eight are severe, exposing the root or pulp? Something like that. The four that are super bad are on the left side, the side that hurts, two upper and two lower.

I go back on Monday to for repair work, hopefully got those super bad ones taken care of and then the other ones too in a follow up appointment.

My question is this.. would massive cavities cause the pain I am experiencing on that left side as well as contribute to the eye twitching on that side?

Advil zaps the pain I have. It helps which is why I know I will be able to manage until Monday. However, this eye twitching is driving me crazy, Is it connected?
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Hmm, I see I was skipped and wonder if it's because my question is complicated or doesn't make sense.

If anyone has any thoughts on my issue, I would greatly appreciate it.
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Eye twitching is probably not related to dental cavities. Seeing an eye doctor is advised.
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Well I found out yesterday that I have a vertical fracture of #18. It's so severe it needs extracted. I'm in a considerable amount of pain on the entire left dude of face, jaw, temple. Does a fracture go more in line with twitching in the eyelid then.

I will get it extracted Monday by an oral surgeon.
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Entire left side of face I meant
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The cavities would definitely cause the pain, but I haven't heard of abscessed teeth causing eye twitching.  I hope you feel better soon.
http://www.firmoo.com/answer/question/10488.html This site disagrees
My left eye is twitching and I know it's because of the pain in my mouth. I ended up doing a ton of research on this because everyone says there's no way the two can be related. WRONG! My left side of my mouth head been hurting and eventually my left upper eyelid started twitching all day every day for about a week and I was so frustrated with it. I thought everyone could see it and it would make me self conscious. Well, I made a dental appointment because the pain in my mouth was getting worse and sure enough - she said I had a pretty bad cavity on my  upper left side, but when I explained the pain I was having (throbbing &  pressure) she said I most likely need a root canal if filling the cavity doesn't relieve the pain. Well, after she filled the cavity my eye twitching went away, but it came back a few days later and my mouth was still throbbing so I go in Friday for a root canal. After I got my cavity filled though, my eye quit twitching for a few days after about 2 weeks of twitching all day every day. So I absolutely feel that it will go away  completely once I have my root canal.  
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Look man ja godda be phresh. If de toot keep cause for eye twitching lids pus sacks forming are under de jawline. Infection be reyeachin de brain mon. Moddamercy. Get you one dem amoxicilin wid dem oxycotton an heb de neighba pull de toot. De pain will go away. Soak de toot socket in jamaican rum twice a day fa an week. Afta dat de eye twitch gone. You all betta. Dis how we do fa da bumbaclot down by da beach mon.
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