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Need retreatment of an old root canal. And no funds?

I had a root canal done over 10 years ago and now I'm getting lower right jaw pain where I can feel a bump forming underneath the molar when I run my clean finger along the gum line that is tender. Lost my job 2 months ago and I'm seeking another. Meanwhile I applied for the Maryland exchange program and dental services do not cover root canal treatment. Trying to see what I can do apply for Care Credit but not sure if I'll be eligible as I do not have a job at the moment. I feel a little pain radiating down my neck off and on and treat it with Tylenol. No facial swelling at least not yet. Went to one dentist and paid out of pocket who prescribed penicillin  V 500mg. It took about a week and The Sensation went away. That was about 3 weeks ago. I had went to another dentist for a second opinion who also prescribed clindamycin. I figured I would keep that medicine and take only if it flared back up while I was waiting for dental insurance to kick in at some point. Well, still looking for a job and now it's starting back up. I'm so afraid to take it because of the fear of how long it will be before I find a job. Even if I find a job I will try to at least apply for Care Credit to help pay for the treatments even if I don't necessarily have dental insurance to cover it yet at that point. This is so crazy as I've been going to the dentist every 6 months when I had my last job and no one picked up on this and as soon as I lost my job, within 2 weeks this aching  starts up where they said there was some slight infection that was probably simmering that just was not picked up. Of all the times for this to happen when I had great insurance before. But I'm so afraid as I'm hearing about how people are dying from having abscesses left untreated. Is this leaking to my brain right now? Sometimes the internet is a blessing and a curse! I have money saved up for my daughter for college I think I'm just going to have to dip into that which I really as a parent was trying to avoid to do and was just trying to hurry up and find another job. But now my fear is starting another job and then having to turn around and take off to have this work done, ugh! I hear clindamycin is better at fighting tooth infections  so hopefully if I start taking it the infection will clear up  and will stay away longer giving me time to get another insurance or will it flare back up with a vengeance?
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It's an abscess, take the antibiotics before it blows up on you. If it comes back you will probably lose the tooth. Rinsing your mouth with 50/50, 2% hydrogen peroxide once in awhile can prevent gum problems. Not every day, it kills all bacteria, good and bad, can cause thrush. Once a week to 10 days should do it. Let it soak on your teeth for 30 seconds to a minute and rinse. It can burn your mouth if you don't rinse.

I'm not a Dentist, just a crown and bridge technician. You should consult with your Dentist before you lose that tooth.
Thanks for the info. Here's an update 6/6/18: yes indeed was an abscess forming, never resulted in my face swelling thank goodness. And thank God I was able to get my dental insurance reinstated through Cobra which I had no idea I could do that! And it was really cheap! Anyway, I ended up going to my original endodontist. He is freaking awesome! This is my second time having a root canal, first time was 10 years ago. And just like the first time, the whole procedure was totally painless! Even afterwards once anesthesia wore off, the only pain I felt was maybe a little soreness in the jaw joint where the injection went and even that was very subtle. That was last week. Today, just had my build up done on the crown that my endodontists was able to save thank goodness for that too! Was just like putting in a filling. No anesthesia necessary of course since the tooth does not have a nerve in it so there was no feeling or discomfort at all and that  was done by my original General dentists who is also amazing. All's well that ends well!
And by the way so far so good no negative reaction or side effects taking clindamycin at all. I know they say that even if it was to affect you could have in weeks or months after you stop but I feel totally fine, never felt nauseous, no sulfur taste in my mouth and taking probiotics still. Dentist wanted me to stay on clindamycin a week after the first round finished.
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