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Soft white wart-like bump under my tongue

A couple of days ago I noticed what felt like a flap of skin underneath my tongue. I tongued it for a day or two and then finally looked at it in the mirror and it was a small growth which is whiter on top. It's closer to the bottom of my mouth than to the frenilum (or whatever that muscle is that connects your tongue to the bottom of your mouth), but its still on the muscle. I can't help tonguing it, which may be irritating it.

I tried to take a picture but my camera couldn't really capture it. It's raised probably 1 or 2 mm, and it's not particularly hard. Can you get canker sores on your sublingual? It isn't painful per se, I can feel its presence but when I tongue it, it doesn't hurt. What bothers me is that it's raised, I can move it back and forth, and almost looks like a tongue-colored/textured skin tag of sorts.

Any ideas on what this is?

PS: I'm a light smoker and relatively heavy drinker (I'm a college student.)

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Hey antihero4488

Unfortunately, i can't tell you the answer. I am in the same position as you  (were). Woke up this morning with a small (less than centimeter in diameter) white, bump on the underside of my tongue- roughly in the centre about an inch back from the tip of my tongue. I am 21 male was a relavtively heavy drinker and a light smoker (apart from a few occasions where I smoked too much in one go i guess).

How did it turn out for you? What has happened to you since you discovered the bump?


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My 4.5 year old daughter has had a lump under her tongue for 36+ hours which is white, about the size of a small pea, and right on the mid-line of the tongue, about 1/2 inch back from the tip.  She's neither a smoker nor a drinker. I'm running her in to the pediatrician AND the dentist tomorrow morning for a look - their offices are 30 feet apart...

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im 28 a 28 yr old female.  And i also have it.. looks like a little skin coloured growth underneath my tounge.  Like an extra piece on skin hanging there.  Also on the muscle.  Im a heavy smoker.. and a light drinker.  I think maybe its part of our tounges or maybe we injured something down there.  I think when you get warts in your mouth its on the upper service of your tounge..
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Hello, I am a 26 year old male, and have also had the same raised, flatish white bump under my tongue for a couple of years.  It has recently gotten bigger, and my girlfriend pointed it recently.  I asked a dermatologist about it and she told me that it is likely a wart under my tongue, probably due to human papiloma virus (HPV).  This may or may not be a concern to some of you, depending on which strain you have.  It is probably a good idea to head to your local dermatologist/dentist to have this wart removed and tested for HPV or anything else.  If you are with someone, you may want to inform them about this.  I have never had a genital wart or anything of concern in the nether region, but I am making an appointment to have this removed for peace of mind.
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i have a white thing on the bottom of my tongue it hurts like hell i cant get rid of it  and i drink alot sometimes and i smoke but its very irratating and i want to cut it off what the hell is this thing
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I've got this exact same thing...wish someone had posted an answer here. It's worrying the heck out of me and it's SO irritating. It hits my teeth every time I eat or drink.
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