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Soft white wart-like bump under my tongue

A couple of days ago I noticed what felt like a flap of skin underneath my tongue. I tongued it for a day or two and then finally looked at it in the mirror and it was a small growth which is whiter on top. It's closer to the bottom of my mouth than to the frenilum (or whatever that muscle is that connects your tongue to the bottom of your mouth), but its still on the muscle. I can't help tonguing it, which may be irritating it.

I tried to take a picture but my camera couldn't really capture it. It's raised probably 1 or 2 mm, and it's not particularly hard. Can you get canker sores on your sublingual? It isn't painful per se, I can feel its presence but when I tongue it, it doesn't hurt. What bothers me is that it's raised, I can move it back and forth, and almost looks like a tongue-colored/textured skin tag of sorts.

Any ideas on what this is?

PS: I'm a light smoker and relatively heavy drinker (I'm a college student.)

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Hey antihero4488

Unfortunately, i can't tell you the answer. I am in the same position as you  (were). Woke up this morning with a small (less than centimeter in diameter) white, bump on the underside of my tongue- roughly in the centre about an inch back from the tip of my tongue. I am 21 male was a relavtively heavy drinker and a light smoker (apart from a few occasions where I smoked too much in one go i guess).

How did it turn out for you? What has happened to you since you discovered the bump?


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My 4.5 year old daughter has had a lump under her tongue for 36+ hours which is white, about the size of a small pea, and right on the mid-line of the tongue, about 1/2 inch back from the tip.  She's neither a smoker nor a drinker. I'm running her in to the pediatrician AND the dentist tomorrow morning for a look - their offices are 30 feet apart...

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im 28 a 28 yr old female.  And i also have it.. looks like a little skin coloured growth underneath my tounge.  Like an extra piece on skin hanging there.  Also on the muscle.  Im a heavy smoker.. and a light drinker.  I think maybe its part of our tounges or maybe we injured something down there.  I think when you get warts in your mouth its on the upper service of your tounge..
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Hello, I am a 26 year old male, and have also had the same raised, flatish white bump under my tongue for a couple of years.  It has recently gotten bigger, and my girlfriend pointed it recently.  I asked a dermatologist about it and she told me that it is likely a wart under my tongue, probably due to human papiloma virus (HPV).  This may or may not be a concern to some of you, depending on which strain you have.  It is probably a good idea to head to your local dermatologist/dentist to have this wart removed and tested for HPV or anything else.  If you are with someone, you may want to inform them about this.  I have never had a genital wart or anything of concern in the nether region, but I am making an appointment to have this removed for peace of mind.
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i have a white thing on the bottom of my tongue it hurts like hell i cant get rid of it  and i drink alot sometimes and i smoke but its very irratating and i want to cut it off what the hell is this thing
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I've got this exact same thing...wish someone had posted an answer here. It's worrying the heck out of me and it's SO irritating. It hits my teeth every time I eat or drink.
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i am 16 and ate out my gf got that white things hurts when i mess with im scared to play with it i dont smoke and drink on the occasional weekend......it hurts to lift my tongue up to high it almost looks like a blister or a white head..
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help im 13 wats dat white bump un my tounge
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is it cancer or some disease has anyone went to doctor if so what did they say???
if increases in size at an unnatural rate it may or may not be cancerous
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I just got the same thing like three days ago. I am going to the doctor today. I take medicine that has to dissolve under my tounge and it hurts when I take it so thats a big problem! But mine is not wart like, the two little I guess flaps were swollen and now r turning white. When I get back from the doc I will post what the out come was.
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I am a 51 year old male and also have this lump type thing under my tungue.can't be a wart,never never ever had one before and not sure what it is but it does bother me and just gets in the way. I think it's a strained mucle. not sure !! wish someone had an answer. I have been gargling with salt water
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hi all i have a similar thing on the underside of my tongue, i can feel it all the time however it doesnt hurt... its like a flap of skin a few MM's long.   Its white ish towards the tip of the flap.  Oddest thing is mine has only come along after having my tongue pierced.  I took it out because the tongue got infected then was left with this ?? I was put on antibiotics when i had the tongue infection, but this still stayed.   Im going to see my dr next week to see if they can tell me anything further, if i twisted it or fiddle it starts to feel odd it also now feels horrible if i kiss my partner....

hating it :((((
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also i recently read a story about a young girl who had a bump on her tongue she left it and over time it got bigger and bigger it turned out to be cancer of the mouth... I suggest people visit their doctor to put minds at rest and to resolve the bumps / flaps :)
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Canker Sores
Canker sores are some of the most common causes of white bumps under tongue. These sores are also known as mouth ulcers. Canker sores most commonly appear due to a viral infection that can be caused by the growth of bacteria and other forms of viruses in the body. Incidentally, an overload of thrush on tongue or mouth can also be responsible for this because thrush causes an attack of bacteria and other viruses. One other reason that can lead to the development and growth of canker sores is a deficiency of vitamins and other nutrients in the body.

This problem can thus be handled by applying oral creams to tackle the infection as well as certain medication forms that tackle this problem. Other than that, taking care of the thrush by applying oral thrush home remedies can also be looked into. One very effective solution is that of including yogurt in your diet and especially using it above your tongue surface to lower the thrush and bacteria. Taking supplements for the deficiency is another way by which the canker sores can be dealt with effectively well.

Oral Lichen Planus
This is another form of oral inflammation that can lead to white spots on tongue or under it and can be caused due to several reasons that run into a hepatitis C and hepatitis B infection, allergens from foods and other materials, flu vaccines, high blood pressure, arthritis, certain heart diseases as well as habits like biting the cheeks and tongue.

The best way to control and prevent this infection is to maintain high standards of oral hygiene by brushing your teeth daily and using a mouth wash to get rid of all the germs. The other conditions can be treated by targeting the individual symptoms and disorders. Similarly, smoking can complicate and further worsen the painful white bump on tongue and under it, making it more painful and sometimes causing it to fill with pus and liquid. Other than that, make sure that you do not chew on the sides of the mouth and cheeks and cause these to appear more often.

Mucocele Growth
A mucocele growth occurs when there is a leak or split in the salivary glands thus causing the saliva to leak and gather in a white air sac under the tongue, that may sometimes be painful. These bumps on tongue that hurt can also be formed under it.

Even though the body tries to correct this ailment by itself, sometimes the duct may continue to leak and therefore not be corrected by itself. In such a case, a surgery is often required to correct the damage in the salivary gland and restore it to normal.

Sometimes the white bump under tongue or any other bump on tongue (for that matter) can sometimes be an indication of a very serious ailment like tongue cancer.

Visiting a doctor and getting a thorough check up done becomes imperative if you suspect cancer.

It's not just the fear of cancer due to the white bump under tongue that should have you visit a doctor immediately. If you notice that the white bump(s) are not getting cured even after following all the methods of precaution or solutions, or that the bump gets cured only to keep recurring, then it could be an indication of a serious condition and should be tackled well enough. Do not ignore that white bump under tongue and go get a check up done as soon as possible.

By Rujuta Borkar
Published: 2/22/2011
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OMGG. Im 15 and ive got two on my tongue right now. I can hardly speak.. Cann someone please help mee. It hurts. I wanna cryy. :- [
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I Have One Under My Tongue But Dont know Where Its Coming from .. My Mom Said I Have  to The Dentist . Ps Mine dont Hurt Or Nothing And It Near The tip of My Tongue Someone help please
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I just noticed this morning when i was brushing my teeth that i have these tongue colored (pinkish red) skin tags under my tongue, i can pull at them (sorry, i know that is gross) they don't hurt, but the little ball on the roof of my mouth between the two front teeth hurts. (feels like i've been eating captin crunch cereal, raw feeling) but i've been freaking out ALL day long, wondering what it is, if i caught some kinda std in my mouth or have some kinda cancer...i smoke a pack a day. so i've been reading alot about it, first thing i found was either cancer or hpv, which isn't the end of the world, but i'm soooo freaking out and feel like a disgusting person because i have this nasty *** groth in my mouth, i wanna go buy a few new tooth brush's just in case mine is too old, b/c i've heard that if you've had your tooth brush for too long it can cause a yeast infection in your mouth, which this is nothing like a yeast infection, but if you can catch that from an old tooth brush, then who knows what else you can get. i'm just gonna try to see if it goes away or gets better after trying a few things at home first. i'm going to way two weeks and see what happens. i also grind my teeth at night, have tmj, and a when i was young i used to have a lisp, which means you hold your tongue at the roof of your mouth when usually you would hold your tongue on the bottom, but even though i don't have a lisp anymore, i still hold my tongue at the top of my mouth, also the other morning the tip of my tongue was hurting like i bit it in my sleep, which wouldn't be surprising because i grind my teeth really bad sometimes, so i'm hopeing and praying that i just injured my tongue while i was asleep.  i just don't know what to think, i don't know if i should go to the gyno or the dentist or my family dr. i'm just scaring the hell outta myself at this point. and mine has no whiteness on it, its the same color as my tongue, and there are like three or four of them. I tried to pull at one, and if i pulled it off, it would be very painful, as if it's an extension of my tongue now. please help anyone??
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I am having the same problem did you find any answer?
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i still also have the same problem i can pull mine too i can feel it there it feels kind of tingly, i have seen the dentist since having it and they didnt mention a word i think im going to mention it to my dr next time i go, im pretty sure mine stemed from a tongue piercing and possible infection from that.... however have had meds and no longer have the piercing and its over a year its been there :( it feels kind of uncomfortable tbh
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plica fimbriata

Found on wikipedia. I guess it's normal, but rare, to have the little pair of flaps on the bottom of your tongue. Just try not to irritate them.
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Its a swollen salivary gland.  Can be caused by an infection.
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I get these under my tongue sometimes. They are small, white, slightly irritating bumps very close to the bottom of my tongue and very close to the back. I have to push my tongue out as far as i can to see them. I normally only get one, never more than two. They are not painful, but feel rather sore. I find that it occurs mostly around a time in which I consume heavy to moderately heavy amounts of dairy, sugar, or cigarette's. Most likely it is just an irritated spot or some sort of chafing. I just leave them alone, messing with them normally makes them worse. They usually go away after a week or two and I don't get them very often. I never saw them as a cause for panic. If they last more than two to three weeks, I would consult a professional of some sort. Also, it could be caused by HSV. HSV can be set off by numerous things, and irritation from smoking can surface it. HSV is hereditary. I hope this help's.
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I have the same thing under toungue and it's frustrating. I had it yesterday but it went away after I played with it for a long time then it felt like I had a rush of saliva come into my mouth. But for some reason I can't get rid of it today some please have some good news for me!
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Its probably a canker sore, i have had the same thing and im a light smoker and sometimes drinker. i also have my tongue pierced, which at first i was thinking that the bar was too sort for my tongue but that wasnt the case. Herpes does not hurt usually, Canker sores hurt like a ***** i have to say.. Theres not much you can do for it then not to play with it, or bite down on it. Mine hurt to where i couldnt talk for about 2 days but then the pain went away. I am a RN, certified nurse. If any more questions please feel free to comment/
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