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Swollen cheek glands, ear pain, throbbing after molar extraction?

About 3 weeks ago I noticed I had these bumps on my cheeks and around my jaw. I went to the dentist and found out that a recently retreated root canal had failed and was abscessed. They decided to extract the molar. It was a very difficult extraction. About 2-3 days after I noticed that the lymph nodes are still swollen, and now to add to it I have horrible pain that radiates to my ear, usually causes headaches, and all the teeth surrounding the socket throb and throb and throb it NEVER ends.  This has been going on for about 4-5 days now. What is this? Please help.
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Hi, sorry to hear you're in so much pain. I had an impacted wisdom tooth removed and still have a lump in the jaw line with what feel like nerve damage. Every dentist, oral surgeon and endodontist I tell about the lump that pops out, just look at me. It was the same lump, but much larger, that was the reason I had to have the wisdom tooth taken out. How do you know that's lymph nodes and not some kinda of cyst? Just curious because I can't get any answers and am thinking that maybe that lump is causing the problem I'm having..Hope you find some answers. Good luck, I'll be watching you posts.
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When I went to my dentist and showed him what the lumps were he told me that they were swollen lymph nodes. He told me that they were the perotid lymph nodes. I know whatever this issue is is not an immune disease because this all occured when my tooth abscessed. Now that the tooth is pulled I have a consistent throbbing pain, the tissue in the socket is yellowish grey, and the pain shoots to my ear which will eventually lead to a very irritating headache. I do not have any cold symptoms. I have noticed that it seems like the socket is taking a VERY long time to heal. It doesn't seem like it's closing at all. The tissue around the socket is very irritated and is extremely painful to touch.
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Sounds like maybe you have an infection. I'm not a doctor but I know that I was put on  penicillin, during and If I remember correctly with the dry socket..  I loved the  penicillin, I hate antibiotics, the penicillin if you're not allergic had no side effect, for me at least.
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Yeah for me too, a huge lump appear, but no pain. That was the reason I had the tooth taken out. Stupid me I never asked what that lump was. I just assume it was infection from the impacted tooth. The lump went down but still lingers when I put pressure on my jaw or teeth it pops out...very sexy..lol
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After rereading your posts. I think we have different problems. I wish I could tell you who to see but after my experience with the people involved with dental, oral care, I'm probably not the one to give advise. Keep us posted on how you're doing.
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