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bleeding from back of mouth when brushing

First I have to say that I have a deadly fear of dentists.  When I was a kid we went to the dentist that my parents could afford and every visit was a nightmare.  So, consequently, I am ashamed to say that I have not been to the dentist (except once for an abscess) in over 20 years.  I am now 40.  I brush maybe 4 times a day, floss 2x/day,and rinse with Listerine 2x/day.  I have very large teeth, I still have my wisdom teeth.  When I went in (about 10 years ago) to have my abscess treated I was told that I needed to have my wisdom teeth pulled since my mouth was overly crowded and if I did not then I would continue to have problems with abscesses and pain.  I did not follow through and have been abscess free with only occassional pain from time to time.  However, about once a week or so when brushing I get bleeding from the back of my mouth (I don't think it's my gums).  I can never find the source of the bleeding but it seems to come from the area of my wisdom teeth.  It stops after I rinse a few times but for the remainder of the day I have a foul taste in my mouth.  Do you know what this could be?    
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I can't give you an opinion without seeing you but I will strongly suggest that you see a dentist asap. I am sorry for your childhood experiences and I can certainly understand your reticience to see a dentist but there are many excellent practitioners out there who are empathetic to your needs. You are only delaying what will be necessary with the chance of more work than is needed if you make regular visits.
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it may be a periorinitis which is infammation of the gum tissue round a tooth-- especailly wisdom teeth that cant quite poke there way in to the mouth correctly due to crowding. It could also be a number of other things. You need to see a dentist and have it checked ut. Dentistry is pretty painless these days so try to relax. if you need the wisom teeth removed there are excellent short term general anestheticout there and many oral surgeons who use them.
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Thanks for your quick response, Mike.  I am going to get to the dentist (eventually)....it's my New Year's resolution, plus my kids see me as a hypocrite since they have to go twice a year.  Having said that, I am very resistant to the idea of having my wisdom teeth pulled (too many horror stories from older adults like me who have had it done).  Especially since I am not in pain.  I will discuss it with the dentist and see what he has to say.    
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You might want to check out a product called cuprident. http://www.cuprident.com/gumprob
A friend of mine used it when she had bleeding gums and it worked out quite well for her.

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