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tooth sensitive and infection

I had a surgery on 8/14 on tooth #10 to remove an implant. the implant was very very close to my tooth #9.
because the suture not removed, my gum got some infection on tooth #10. That infection spread to #9. yesterday, I suddenly found that my tooth#9 become loose, and when I gently tap the surface of my tooth, the whole tooth feel very sensitive.

what happen? any suggestion?

Am I at the risk loss a healthy tooth? tooth#9 is very healthy. thanks.
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I saw my dentist today, she is a periodontist but just graduated from school not long ago. She still though everything is ok, and my tooth #9 was loose before the surgery. She gave me some anti-biotics, Amoxichilin, and Ibuprofen.

the surgery was done three weeks ago, but the tooth sensitivity and mobility just happened yesterday.

if acute periodontal infection, will Amoxichilin, and Ibuprofen enough to treat it? I also got prescribed oral rinse, I use it twice /day as instructed.

I really don't want to loss my healthy tooth #9.
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Tooth mobility may be caused by acute periodotal infection. Once the infection subsides, mobility will be reduced.
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