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Can I taper?

I am wondering if I can taper down on the amount of Zoloft I am on. I take 100mg twice a day and I don't like the sexual side effects. I've been on this drug and this amount for years. How much can I go down to to see if the side effects go away and yet still be on an amount that works? This may be a silly question but it's what's on my mind.
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Hi there
It all depends why you were put on that dose of zoloft. If its a psychiatric condition, like depression, OCD, anxiety etc, rather than to help you get through a one off emotional event in your life, then you might need it always. Try reducing the dose and see how you feel. If you feel your symptoms coming back, then it means you need to remain on zoloft. If not, then great, off you come.
I've been on luvox for 20 years and everytime i tried to come off it all hell broke loose, so sexual side effects be damned, i'm stuck with it and have made my peace with that.

What many people dont understand is that if you need medication, it is almost never for a short period of time. Additionally psychiatric condtions worsen with age, so the fact is most of us will not only be stuck on our pills forever but will invariably have to increase the dose too.

Anyways i hope that you are able to find out what is the best solution for you, and of course don't forget the golden rule... ONLY ALTER YOUR DOSAGE UNDER MEDICAL SUPERVISION :)


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I am in the process of tapering down, I gave up meds once before, but life events (bad marriage) turned depression on again.  Husband has since left, abandoned me and the kids, the best thing he ever did for us LOL

I have received counseling and support.

As I am tapering I have started an exercise programme, eating healthy etc.  I have been reading around my problems for the last year.  I have taken on a lot more work and have placed a lot of ambition in my career.  I am getting on very well with my four children and focusing very much on their development.

It helps I guess if we can make these positive changes in our life.  I am focusing on myself now and enjoying painting again and being creative.

I suppose I don't think you can just give up the meds if things are the same, we need to make changes.

But it is all worth it if we can give them up !  Because they cant be anyone's first choice as a way of living, I know we have to accept the need and how they keep people alive.  But if we can get off them then let us celebrate !

I have cut Cymbalta down to 30 mg, I will stay on this for six months and then see if I can get off ??.  Not being in a relationship and not having to deal with the demands of a difficult husband I have my fingers crossed X
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