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Can risperidone cause a person to have seizures if they have a history of it?

My best friend had a childhood history of epilepsy and her doctor has prescribed her 1mg of Risperidone taken twice a day, 125mg. Divalproex taken twice a day, and 100mg of Seroquel. She hasn't had a seizure since 1994 which is over twenty years.  During her childhood she was on medications such a Risperdal, Prozac, Zoloft, and Tegretol for her seizures. But now that she hasn't had an epilepsy episode in over twenty years her doctor isn't considering her history of seizures and claims that she won't have a seizure from any of the medications listed above.
I'm worried about leaving her alone on the risperidone and I'm also wondering how long would it take for me to know if there is any side effects from the medications listed.? I've heard of people having seizures within a week of taking the risperidone and she seems like a perfect candidate for it. Although she may have out grown the seizures I'm still concerned that they may start up again. I don't want to advise her against taking the medication because she is a manic depressive person but she also makes bad decisions concerning her health.
Should I be concerned that she may have a seizure and have someone watch over her while taking the medication?
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Risperdone does cause seizures, its a side effect. I have them, they way my psychiatrist explained this to me, is that I twitch the right portion of my body because that is my dominant side ( leg and arm). But I only experience twitches, which are seizures in itself.
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