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Daughter has been on Celexa for almost 6 weeks for depression and GAD that is causing physical pain.  She has seen a very slight improvement but she still gets symptoms every day.  Dr. thinks celexa should have "kicked in" by now and she wants to switch her to Cymbalta.

Any Cymbalta users out there that can comment on your experience with this medication.  I have read a lot of negatives on it and one reason that I like Celexa was that it seems to have relatively few side effects.

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Anyone care to share experience with Cymbalta?
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Take a gander at these reviews on WebMD about Cymbalta. Tell me if it helps.

Heres the link:

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thanks clpa07, I wasn't able to get through on that link.  And I was hoping to hear from someone on this forum so I could strike up a dialogue with them.

Thank you again.
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o ok. ill try to get the link in frame.

hope you find someone on here who has taken it. good luck

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....i forgot to mention... once you are in that, click on "reviews" and i believe there were about 800 of them from different people who used the drug. good lcuk
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cymbalta works at first, but if you decide to stop taking it, it seems like it is impossible. i have beene doing research and i have read cymbalta refered to as "sunshie in a bottle" but that wears off, and when you want to stop, you basically can't without being worse off than before.
i wouldn't recommend this for any child. good luck, i am stuck.
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I've been using Cymbalta for quite a few yrs. now.  I wouldn't know what to do w/ out it. I did switch due to cost a few yrs. ago.  I think i went thru 3 other meds be4 going BACK to cymbalta. I take 60mg. EVERY morning.  My friend takes 2, 60mg. a day!  We BOTH agree it works WONDERS!! I take it for my fibro fatigue & depression due 2 ALL my medical problems.  

Though.................. as others have stated if u decide to STOP taking it make sure u CHANGE to something other drug.  What i'm saying is DON"T just stop taking it.  You shouldn't w/ ANY anti-depressants etc.!  BUT the reason being is you will CRY over anything. My friend & I both agree @ times where we have missed a day or 2 it REALLY effects us emotionally.

I THINK the benefits outweigh any side-effects. It's really helped me & changed my life. ONE precaution..... it can cause a bit of "hyperness" when starting SO take it in the morning. As far as for children that something to discuss w/ the physician. ;)  

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i first started Cymbalta about 4 years aog.  30mg in am, had a headache but was told that it would go away after a few weeks-it did. Then went up to 60mg in am, had headache again-it went away after awhile.  Now i take 60mg, 1 in am and 1 in pm.  I believe it works best on depression more than depression pain. Now after years of use my dr. has put me Abilify 2mg in am along with the Cymbalta with the plan to cut my Cymbalta dose while raising the Abilify.  I tell ya, my feet hurt more, my legs hurt more and I feel more depressed and that's without cutting down on the Cymbalta yet. I also gain some weight and crave high carbs and sweets more than I did before Cymbalta alone and the 2 meds together.  I've been on abilify for about 5 or 6 weeks. I hope this helps somehow on your daughters' desision.  Best Wishes
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i am sure that cymbalta works wonderfully for some, i guess what we all have to remember is we are all different and our bodies will react differently to different medicines.
After a year of taking this Cymbalta (i have tried paxil, celexa, lexapro first) I am convinced I don't want to be reliant or dependent on this drug.
If you have a problem, they just want to up your dosage. I ran away, no, not more!
but now not taking it is the challenge, is it even possible?
I started at 30mg then upped to 60. ouch. request 40 because it felt like it was too much. almost like drugged/drunk/floating. Then some how after taking it for a few months they adjusted it to 60 because that is the standard dosage i guess. i slowly decided i didn't want to take it anymore and actually didn't for a good 60 days without and serious problems, then severe depression kicked in, non stop crying. acting out, saying things i didn't want to say, being angry, but that wasn't me, i didn't to be like that.
so i made the decision to take the smallest dose by dumping probably all but  1/6 of what is in the pill out  and then taking it. one week later i am still feeling it's effects (some good/some bad) but have not crashed again.
it is causing me pain in my back and muscle tension and i think it is making my eyes blurrier than they were before (I have strabismus with amblyopia and and astigmatism...)

anyone considering this drug, please do it carefully, it is all over the internet. someone even made a youtube video about it.
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Thank you all for your replies.

I'm trying to put this all in perspective.  It seems as if all anti depressants have some associated side effects on both ends... while iniitally taking it and the build up to see if it will work.... and then on the other end when trying to go off it.  I guess it is a very individual thing as others have said.  And weighing the pros and cons.  It is a very difficult decision indeed.  Is Cymbalta any worse than others at "weaning off"?

For anyone that Cymbalta has worked well for... what dosage worked for you?  Dr. wants daughter to start with 30 and go to 60 after 4 days but my thinking is to see if 30 will work and give it a few weeks... why go to 60 if not necessary.

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the smallest they make is 20mg i think. fyi
the 30/60 regime is standard from what i have heard.
the had me go up to 90 and it made me so sick.
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