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Depressed, stressed and lonely....

Hi, im a 19 year old girl, a type of person who loves to mingle with everyone, meet new friends and attend rave parties. I love that life. But suddenly it all ****** up like my grades went down ive become an irregular student in college which means more effin years till i graduate.  I dont know i seemed lost. I lost focus at everything like i dont know what to do with my life.I feel so alone thats why im trying to fit with everyone else. Maybe it all started out when i knew i was adopted when i was like 14. I was pressured by the idea that i was adopted like everyone my relatives know it while i dont it pressures me in a way that i must be that good girl who must be good at school have a good job. Everyone else keeps an eye on me. I have the idea that i want to prove that i am worth it to my parents thats why i went for engineering for college. But because of all this pressure in my mind it seems that i dont know what to do. I became lost not caring for school, smoke and go to clubs.
Things have changed lately i became unsociable no more parties no more jammings and its like i dont have interest in school at all like im absent most of the time and just lay on my bed and be alone. And i get tired of getting along with everyone like i want to be alone. I have loving parents and i know they will do everything for me but i just feel different from everyone now. And i never attempted to commit suicide or whatever it sounds stupid its like it will not solve any of your problems. Now my question is what will i do? It seems all is ****** up with school especially its like my future. How will i cope up and motivate myself to go on with my life? And should i stay away from my college friendsfor my sake? Becaude i think its diffrnt from my friends back in highschool. They dont care at all like they are there only for good times, they are the people ive been with in my college years should i be alone and focus in my studies?
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when it comes to friends it is - QUALITY over QUANTITY.
better to have 1 or 2 very close friends than a 100 fake friends.

i don't know how you feel about being adopted, but you should know that it makes you all the more special to your parents.  they CHOSE you.  
your bio mom must have loved you a lot too because it would be hard to give up your child for adoption knowing you cannot give them the life they deserve.  that was very unselfish and loving for her to do.  

don't let that make you feel bad because there is not 1 negative thing about it.  all positive.

try not to let what you feel is peoples expectations of you run your life.  
you need to be doing what YOU want to do and not what you feel your parents want you to do.  
maybe if you were going to school for something you really wanted to do then it would be more interesting and important to you??

i think i would sit down with my parents and tell them how you feel, so they can reassure you.  

i know parties are part of college life, but they don't have to be.  you want to stay away from drugs and alcohol as much as you can.  
think of college like a job.  a very important responsibility and devote the appropriate amount of time to it.
if you feel you need a break, then take one.  then get right back to it when you are ready.

i think besides talking to your parents you really should seek a therapist.  it is a wonderful asset to you.  you sound mildly depressed and i believe just talking about it will sort it all out without the need for medication, that is up to a psychologist.  

keep reaching out until you feel you have the help you need
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