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Depression/Anxiety? What can I do?

Hey there, I'm 15 years old and feeling depressed since two or three years. This is a problem in school because my grades have gotten way worse since then and I'm totally unable to concentrate. My parents always tell me to try harder and I wish I could because I know how important it is but somehow I just don't care anymore. I tried talking to my parents about my problems but I always end up feeling ashamed and I don't think they take me seriously anyway. So I decided to keep it too myself, which is also why I never went to a psychologist. I want to but therefore I would have to tell my parents about it. They once told me I could get help after they found out I cut myself, but this is two years ago now and they think I moved on which is propably better. Still I feel lost and everyone keeps complaining about my grades. I just want to end this. What can I do?
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Hey. Have you tried writing or drawing (or something else) to keep yourself distracted? I honestly have no idea what could improve your grades, I'm in the same boat as you really. Its pretty hard to stay invested in something you dont care about. Finding an outlet and just going to town on it works for me though, maybe you could give it a try? just my personal experience~
And by the way, I would recommend going to see a psychologist, even if you dont want your parents to know.
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Keeping it to yourself is just going to make it worst, trust me i know from personal experience. Try reaching out to a help phone. I don't know where you're from but just look up depression hotlines on the internet.
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