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Can someone give me info/experiences on effexor? Stared 6 weeks ago on 75 mg for 4 weeks - 1 week on 150mg / this week 225mg - 5'10" 200 lbs - vision seems blurry as well Thanks!
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hi bob, i was on effexor for five years. remember that everyone reacts differently to the same medication. what i'm saying is that i did not like this antidepressant. it made me very tired, gave me heart palpitations and raised my blood pressure. when i quit taking it these problems went away. it gave me blurry vision too. you may do great on this med, give it a chance. personally, i hated it. i only stayed on it for so long because it helps with anxiety and depression and i did'nt want to take several meds at one time. now i take two, one for anxiety and one for depression. i hope this helps. just keep on eye on your blood pressure, and if this med does'nt work there are alot of other meds to try. remar
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