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Getting over depression without drugs?

Is it possible to get over depression without drugs?  I suffer from severe anxiety with panic disorder and agoraphobia and depression.  I stopped taking paxil over a month ago (makes me shake).  I don't want to be on an SSRI, but can't get rid of this depression I have for absolutely no reason.  Anybody know the answer?
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Trying to naturally get over depression, but the life style doesn't help much everything pretty much makes me stay in one place, and that one place causes most of the depression.   I've had this most of my life though... any ideas?
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the answer is long term psychotherapy.  
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The answer to that question would really depend on who you asked.

There are some people that claim to have cured themselves of severe depression and anxiety dissorder without the use of meds. Personally, I question the severity of their dissorder to begin with.

I do think that mild to moderate forms of depression and anxiety can be managed without the use of meds. I strongly dissagree that this disease in it's most severe form can be managed without medication.

I say this only because I have suffered with severe depression and anxiety for the larger part of my life and have tried many different forms of therapy for extended periods of time. Most of which did little, except for medication.

It's also hard to define the different levels of severity.

I think the only way to truly find out for sure if your depression can be treated Naturally and without meds, is to simply take the "Pepsi Challenge."

You never really know until you try. I have already tried many times and failed. I have probably read more books on naturaly treating depression than most Holistic advocates. I gave it my all, but I find that the meds just work better.

There is a whole ton of info regarding the natural treatemnt of depression on the internet.
there is an equal amount of info in print also. Some people swear by natural remidies combined with good talk therapy. Medication isn't for everyone and some people with severe depression do experience drug side effects that are too strong to justify taking it.

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I absolutely agree - a good therapist, like a Ph.d., can be invaluable in the recovery process. I know from person experience that I got my very best results with therapy - it was Holistic Therapy with a psychologist.
If you're considering trying it without drugs, check out some of the work of Dr. Peter Breggin, a noted psychiatrist. His info. may be helpful for you to read.
My very best to you...
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It is possible to overcome depression without drugs, but it is a lot of help in them too just to have said that much. When depression happens, it is very often caused by chemical imbalance. Not that I mean that absolutely everyone should take meds and live happily ever after - that doesn't work.

There are a lot of causes for depression. Life doesn't contain the same things for everyone. Some have losses, some have a tough time in school, and some can't really pinpoint a reason for their depression. It just is that way.

Further on from there, anxiety can be a cause. I don't know what came first - the egg or the chicken?
Maybe if you have the anxiety figured, the depression will dissolve? It can be really tough to have anxiety murring in the background all the time.

Have you tried counseling or any other kind of therapy? Do at least get someone who you can talk with through your worries. Carrying a phobia such as yours is burdening if you don't know how to break it. Often it is very good to have someone to talk with who can help you gain a different perspective.

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