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How do I know if I have Depression?

I have been weepy for weeks now - I have no appetite - no energy - feel blah.

2 weeks ago I had foot surgery and have been sofa bound - this had added to my feeling of frustration & sadness.

If there a depression quiz I can take.


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Hey there dear!

I don't know if you've read my reply on your thread in Addiction, but I would stand by that advice, that it makes sense to address the obvious issues FIRST to see if you notice any improvements.  Being newly diagnosed with menopause, among being newly clean AND recovering from a major surgery that is impeding your mobility is enough to make ANYONE feel depressed.  That isn't the same thing as having chronic/clinical depression.  I think you're kind of jumping the gun a little about the suspicion that you're suffering from depression.  Even if you went to see a mental health provider, they would most likely also tell you that until those other issues are resolved, or being better managed, that it would be hard to fairly assess you for depression.

Also, I believe you stated you didn't have a history of depression to speak of either, which makes me lean even MORE towards the above causes.  There are many depression quizzes you can take, but the results aren't going to narrow down WHY you're feeling the way you feel.  You can meet all the criteria on a quiz, but the same symptoms could easily be caused by the other things going on in your life.

You may indeed eventually be diagnosed with depression, but I genuinely feel that there are many very obvious factors that are FAR more likely causing you to feel like you do.  Address those things first and give yourself some time.  Feeling better won't happen overnight.

You can always make an appointment to be evaluated by a mental health professional.  They would be able to help you sort through everything and give you some suggestions in the least.  
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Having a foot out of action is like taking a wheel of your bike it ain't going nowhere so you have every right to feel that way so I suggest in this time you need to expand your inner self by book movie doco or just colouring pictures the time u stop being brain active the demons come out to play
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I will recommend you to listen to the guided imagery audio called Building Your Peaceful Place and take a test here.


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Quick Update:

I saw a psychiatrist yesterday. He said he thinks I have "situational depression" - which left untreated can lead to full blown depression - which is very serious.

He put me on a low dose of Zoloft - and will see me in 4 weeks.

He said I may only have to take the meds for a few months - until my situation stabilzes!! lol When will that be!!

Many thanks for all the support!!
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Thanks for the update.  Hope you get to feeling better soon!  Let us know how you're doing!
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