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Is it depression or anxiety?

Hi I am quite new to the site, I basically joined the site because I really need some support and advice.  For sometime now I have been anxious about everything, I worry about the littlest details and I have even got to the point that I need to do silly things like dry my hands a number of times as long as it is an even number, I have to bless myself on numerous occassions.  The list goes on dramatically to the point that I stress myself out if I don't do them all and I feel that if |I don't do them I will make something stressful happen in my life.  I am currently not working and I moved from UK to here and all my family are in the UK.  I do not work but my husbands works long days and we do not have contact due to him flying as he is in the Air Force.  His schedule changes so much that it causes me to be upset and angry, I mean ragful angry when I am alone.  I feel teary all the time and down.  I eat a meal a day and don't get enjoyment in anything.  The list really goes on and I hesitate to go to the doctor because when I told him how I was feeling before he just said that I am young and that I have no reaspn to be down or stressed out.  I don't know what to do I feel like I will continue to be unwell.  What should I do?  A while ago I was so happy and bubbly because that is my personality but now I feel the opposite all the changes have changed me into a person that I detest.
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Sounds like anxiety, OCD, depression to me. I suggest you go see a psychologist and talk about those things as you have to let your emotions out.

Healthy diet, medications, exercise are all things that could improve your condition.

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I am new here too but, what your describeing sounds like OCD ( Obsessive Complusive Disorder ) and YES it can accompy Depression and will lead to anxiety and stress. Like a vicious cycle one will feed off of the other.
Have you gotten any counseling? If not hon I would highly reccommend you do. This disorder can be so painful mentally and lead to more mental issues. I wish you well
Good Luck, Best Wishes
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your doctor will ask you to do a quiz 10 questions to determine what you have, im suffering from anxiety, my partner works 15 hour days and i have to look after our 2 young children all myself i cant even have a soak in the bath, i feel im drifting away because i hardley see him, your doctor should prescribe anti-depressant that will help depresion and anxiety, i feel miserable sometimes because i have no one to talk in the day
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What you describe sounds like a major depressive episode with OCD and Anxiety as main features.
Leaving your home in the UK and being alone now a lot are significant life changes that often precipitate a depressive episode.
See a good psychiatrist and there is a great success rate in treatment.
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