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So, I've been having terrible mood swings for over a year, like within hours. One minute I'm fine and the next I just want to die not actually die just no longer exist anymore, then within a few hours I'm fine. this doesn't happen everyday just most days. sometimes I feel it about to happen and unsuccessfully try and stop it. Hugs help honestly so I ask coworker's usually for hugs. Which doesn't help if I'm at home or at the store or driving. Sometimes they don't help at all, they just delay the inevitable. I hate feeling the downs because they effect my job in the service industry. Some day's I have blackout where ill do something for like an hour or two and not remember anything from those hours.   I have highs as well were I cant stop moving or ill talk so fast that ill get words mixed up like ill know what I'm saying but when they come out they come out wrong. My friends notice my change in moods but I honestly have no clue on how to stop them I try counting taking a brake, listening to music but I can never seem to avoid them they just delay them and when they happen I just become the copilot. Any ideas on how I can manage them or what it might be.
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Hi there, I know exactly how you feel
Sounds like my life in a nutshell. Up one minute down the next, life of the party or a total wet blanket. I can't really say that I've experienced blackout type lost time where I don't remember things, that sounds really worrysome. Are you taking any Meds or have you spoken to your Dr. About any of this. Have these symptoms/ depression only occurred in the last year or longer do you think? Has there been any specific event in your life in the last year that may have Triggered the way you are feeling now such as stress at work, home, family life, relationships,financial obligations ect. Any of these can weight far more heavily on ones mood than than you realize. At any rate don't be afraid to talk to a professional about this. It will help and you can begin to feel better. You are not alone in this and you've taken a great first step simply by asking a question here on this forum. Look around, read what others have said, you may find some answers about yourself in learning from others. I wish you the best and know that you can begin to find the answers you seek if you don't give up on yourself
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I think u need a break fron your busy schedule....so things u like...find peace
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