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Paroxetine not working

Iv been on paroxetine 20mg for a few years for my depression/headaches but I just feel like it isn't working anymore.. Does this happen with paroxetine? Also the sweating at night due to these is getting worse! Is there anything I can do to help? Do other antidepressants do this? Why does it do this?
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Yu may just ned to go up in mg or switch to another ssri for the time being.  Make sure you let your dr know wht is going on.
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Hi, I was on the same medicine for a long time. However, after a period of time my body was immune to it so, it no longer worked properly. I was weaned off by dividing the dose in half and using that for 2 weeks then half of that for 2 weeks and then totally off of it. I hated that medication because of all the side effects you have while you are taking that medicine. It has so many side effects to it, it was unbelieveable. After being off that med slowly I finally adjusted well.
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Yes, drugs can poop out.  Doesn't happen to everyone, but it does happen.  If you stop the Paxil, make sure you do it very slowly, as you've been on it a long time.  Do it at the speed that suits you, not some generalized schedule.  Good luck.
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