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Primrose Oil for Depression

I'd just like to share my experiences here and maybe I can help a person or 2.    

I've tried prescription anti-depressants years ago...and they barely did anything.  If anything it was worse..because #1 they'd take about a week to start working.. and during that week, I personally felt worse / more ragey than before...but eventually it helped some.  #2 , I had enormous food cravings.  #3 very weird, electric like feeling in my head when trying to withdraw off the stuff.    That alone was enough for me to never try the stuff again.

But time and time again, whenever I ever have occasional bouts of depression...and even severe depression. Primrose Oil has worked like a godsend.   I even told my sister to try it , and she couldn't believe it either.

Whenever i'm very irritable , angry , depressed , anxious.. I take a 1000 MG's of Primrose Oil a day...and ALL OF THAT goes away.  I feel soooo calm and relaxed everyday after.  It only takes a day or 2 to start working. and by the 3rd day, you'll definately notice it.

Amazing natural drug this is.  I'm 35 now and first tried it when I was like 22.  

I dont know WHY this drug doesn't get more national attention ? I've tried St. John Wort numerous times... everybody says thats suppose to be the #1 natural / herbal pill for depression.  But its NEVER worked for me.

Evening Primrose Oil works in an amazing fashion for me. EVERY single time.    I had a really bad bout last week... starting taking Primrose Oil, and I completely changed around for the better almost instantly

Would love to hear other peoples thoughts on this.  Even 500 MG's a day is nice too.  But 1000 MG's a day, you'll definately notice it.

I'm a guy too.... so I remember reading online that this is mostly for women...to help with their PMS symptoms or whatever.  But it is for soo much more.  

The anti-depressing effects are amazing and soo smooth.  No side effects at all.

thank god for primrose oil

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I love Primrose Oil.
I've been taking it for a long time, but I take it for my skin, hair and nails! LOL!

I tell ya, my skin, hair & nails have never looked better! :-)

Granted ,I take a very low dosage. It's not real cheap, so that's why I don't take more of it.

I also take Grapeseed Oil because I'd heard it's good for your heart. I love that stuff too.
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If you mean grapefruit seed oil, that shouldn't be taken regularly, as it's an antibacterial and antifungal that should only be taken as necessary to prevent developing resistant bacteria and such.  I think what you're thinking of is grapeseed extract, not oil, or pills.  The skin and seeds of grapes contain very potent antioxidants and are the parts of red wine that makes it heart healthy.  As for primrose oil being calming, that could indicate excess testosterone or a lack of essential fatty acids.  The reason it's usually used by women is because it affects hormonal balance in a way that advantages women, but it also contains an essential fatty acid called GLA, and Omega 9 fatty acid.  There's even more of this in borage oil and black currant seed oil, but they don't have the hormonal properties of primrose oil.  But as I always say, whatever works!  And remember, it's not a drug, it's a food.
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Paxiled, I've tried Omega fatty acids in the past..  The fish oils (Omega 3's) , the plant oils (Omega 6's)   Omega 9's are a different class I believe..and Primrose goes in the Omega 6 category.

But yeah, just taking those oils alone never did anything for me.

Its something with the Primrose oil that does something special.  I think more research should be done into it.

So are you saying (or thinking) that primrose could lowers testosterone ?   I've been depressed with low testosterone levels at the same time.   Increasing my testosterone doesn't help either.  Or makes me more angry / panicky / nervous.  

Maybe Primrose does something with another male hormone ?   But it really is tremendously relaxing...even for guys.   Maybe i'm the only guy thats ever tried it...lol..  if so, more need to experience this benefit.  

1000 MG a day, and you feel great..relaxed, can concentrate on things with ease...no nervousness , no anger , no anxiety...nothing.    

And like I said, i've tried this on and off for 10 years now. And EVERY TIME it works.  

Miracle drug I would call it.
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Txs for the correction, Paxiled.

You're right, the pills I take are called "GRAPE SEED EXTRACT" , 50 mg.

I was told that G.S.Extract is good as an antioxidant, as you said.

Anyhow, I alternate the Grape-seed extract pill every other day with my Omega3 pill (as a dietary supplement).

I used to just take my OMEGA3, but then I started experimenting to see if I alternated my Omega3 pill with the Grape-seed extract pill every other day, how I'd feel.
I feel great either way, so I suppose both are good for me (??).

Anyhow, as a woman, that Primrose Oil is fabulous for skin, hair and nails, though. I've really noticed a difference.

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I'd really like to hear from others...if they just try it for 3 days, and see how much of a difference it makes in their depression / mood.

I'm baffled as to why this hasn't made more news as being a successful treatment for depression.  Maybe not enough people have tried the 1000 MG a day route ?  (which is a completely safe amount)

I take 500 mg's in the morning and 500mg's at night.

my sister was almost just as baffled as me when she was on her 3rd or 4th day.  
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hi john,

what brand do you take?  I would like to try this?  I'm on prozac and it's not helping me.

I have thyroid issues, but my body is shaking or tremors for about 3 months all the time.

My body was shaking before the prozac, after getting little sick, then a bot of tiredness hit me strong for about 3-4 weeks, then started shaking.

Mri --turned out ok
blood test- showed white blood count little low and lymp (somethings ) was little high

I had meds, love to take natural things.  would love your help!!!!!!!

my mind is feeling crazy lately,

PS. I have been taking Gaba .....doesn't help
                                        Valerian Root..............no help  (gives me headaches)
                                         Passion flower extracet with GoluKola, and sage leaf extract... no
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mamia , I've tried Valerian Root & so many other herbal remedies too...and barely noticed anything.

I've tried A LOT and only Primrose Oil has really worked for me.  A couple times I thought maybe St. Johns Wort was working a little for me.  But I couldn't quite tell. So I quit it.. If anything, it was more of a zombie effect.  

Where Primrose was more of a relaxing , eye opening effect.  Like I mentioned above = no more anxiety, anger, depression , frustration or anything.  Plus, I've also noticed the last couple days (since i've been on it again)  I can concentrate so much more on my computer work with ease.

I dont really think it matters what type of brand you use.  (but i'm sure certain companies will tell you that their brand is more pure than others....or whatever...seems like every company does this these days)    But the one i'm using is from VitaminShoppe .  (same brand name as well)

I currently have the 500MG softgel pills.. But they come in higher doses I believe.  1 in the morning & 1 at night has a nice smooth effect for me.

Would love to hear other stories here if it helped or not.. i'm no doctor and i'm sure certain meds could interfere if your currently on prescription stuff.

It really is amazing for me though... All of last week.. Feb. 7th to Feb 13th.. I was a nervous , anxious , depressed wreck.  None of my normal 'fixes' were working. (meditating , hot bath , listening to music I love , watching tv shows I like , etc )  Normally that type of stuff would be my fix...but it had almost no effect)

So I turned to my almighty Primrose Oil once again, and this whole entire week Feb 14th to 20th.. I've been in complete peace & perfect mindset..like a whole other person..  I cant even get frustrated if I wanted to.    and like I said, its not just this one week...  If I take it the entire month, i'll feel like this the entire month.     I've tested this on and off for almost 10 years now.   The reason I dont take it every single day...365 days a year....i guess is because i'm like everyone else.. who wants to take pills everyday for the rest of their life ?  not me.. but when I need the fix, its right there.

If everybody experienced the same effects, like it has always had on me... these prescription drug companies would probably go out of business.

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According to UCBerkley Wellness Report, "Evening primrose oil and similar products are unproven for any medical or health purpose. Manufacturers of evening primrose oil make troubling, unfounded, and illegal claims".  The report also states "evening primrose oil may cause headaches and rashes."

The report goes on to say it is harmless so just based on what you stated, I may give it a try anyway.  Have you done any research to substantiate your claims?
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Yuk, of course their going to say crap like that.  Anything to cover up for the pharmaceuticals.

I haven't done any type of technical research.  I'm just an ordinary guy, but I do work on computer and anytime something interesting grabs my attention, I look into it.

I swear when I say this, that i've tried at least a hundred different vitamins / herbal supplements / natural remedies throughout my life.   And Primrose Oil has fascinated me the most , out of ALL OF THEM.  

Even today I woke up refreshed at 6am...which I almost could never do in the past.  (been on it for 7 straight days now)  The benefits seem to get better every day.

I almost feel like its a secret, or something that hasn't been exposed or talked about much...EVEN  after all this time.  Which is partially why I decided to make this post.  To get opinions from others , to hear if it works for them or not.   If it didn't work for me EVERY SINGLE TIME, whenever I needed...for just over 10 years, I wouldn't be wasting my time even making this thread.   But if it could help others, the way it helps me...then the word should be spread.

I've got a skin condition as well.. and this is what caused me to take it the very first time.  (10 years ago)   I realized after being on it awhile, how calm, relaxing , and perfect mindset I was in.    Even back then I remember Google pointed to websites that talked about Primrose oil and its anti-depressing effects.  That was the first time I heard of it.  And ALL this time has gone by and still people dont know about this ?  How could this be ?

It reminds me of modern day FoxNews and how they wont say anything good about the 'benefits' of this Health Care Bill.  (their terrified of it passing...because the health companies are paying them off to say as many bad things as possible about it)

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Just did a Google search on 'primrose oil depression' now to see the latest articles...

And about 7 - 8 links down -

"The origins of the plant were in North America, from where it came to the UK by accident when cargo ships bringing cotton over, dumped the soil brought back as ballast, and seeds began to grow.  The plant was officially introduced in 1614 into Europe, and rapidly became known as ‘Kings Cure All’ because of its useful medicinal properties."

Maybe now in 2010 people will finally realize its healing benefits ? lol.

If this oil can help just one other person, the way its helped me and my sister.. i'll feel like i've done my job.  

Its not just for women with PMS...trust me.  (unless I dont know something about my body )

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Hello john,
I am giving this a try. I went to my health food shop yesterday.  The lady told me that worked there that she sold alot of it and it worked for many people.  She said that she saw more people try other products and change from one to another then when they found the primrose oil that they stayed with it.

It will be a true blessing if this works and i will let you know , today will be day 2

Day one still shaking alot, but didn't expect to do alot yet.

Do you think that 1,300 once a day will be ok.  I know your not doc. but you have tried it different ways.  

I think it would be great if we could all track our progress with each other.
In alot of ways we are all in the same boat, needing help

I am so glad it is working for you  and thank you for sharing this with others.
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Thank you so much for sharing your experience.  I'm so glad I came across your post.  I've had Evening Primrose Oil 500mgs in my cabinet for some time, but was only taking it here and there for PMS which has suddenly hit me with peri-menopause.  After reading this thread, I went and popped one and will take another tonight and will begin taking it daily in the hopes it does for me what it's done for you and others.  I could really use some calm and relaxation...in a natural way :)
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yeah, 1300MG's a day is fine too.   I used to take those bigger capsules as well.   But if you take too much, it kinda puts you in la la land..   lol.

Give it 2 to 3 days to start working... I never really noticed a big difference on the 1st day either for some reason.

Glad you guys are giving it a shot.. and i'm also interested in the results.   We could do our own personal research.  
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I will try this... this is my last natural medication before I go back to Celexa.

I will update everyone on how I feel, also.
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well, bought some today.  My first one tonight - 1,000 mgs.  In the evenings I take calcium and fish oil.  I will now add the primrose.  What time of day is everyone taking this?  does it matter?  With or without food?

BTW, got my husband trying it as well.  My hubby has psoriasis and I read on the National Psoriasis Foundation website that oil of primrose may be good for psoriasis as well.  http://www.psoriasis.org/netcommunity/sublearn03_comp_natural.

I recently posted that I just came off of lexapro and suffering the withdraw symptoms of brain zaps and anger issues.  I'm hoping this helps me with this.
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Thanks for the correction.  It is an omega 6 oil.  I've had that one wrong for a long time!
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Yuk, I have psoriasis too !  And it did help in the past for that as well.  But usually took 3 weeks or longer to start seeing results. (skin takes awhile to rebuild)

My cholesterol even lowered while on it.

If your only taking it at night, right before sleep..you might miss most of the healing / relaxing benefits....since you'll be sleeping through it.. although you'll probably sleep good.  :-)

A lot of people think skin diseases & cholesterol are because of our mental mindset as well. ( stress)  The calming effect primrose has on the mind could also be part of the reason of how / why it helps our skin / cholesterol.
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Hi, am am on my 4th day.   yesterday I noticed more of more brain stablization, I didn't  feel as down, and felt the best I've felt in a good while, I guess more "normal" I hate to say that because what is normal , but I must say I good feeling.  Worked 13 hours yesterday, and not as much brain fog.

Today, woke up with bad headach at 1:30 am, ( I have these alot though and overworked yesterday) halfway through day feel good.

I'm taking 1,300  2 times a day , one in morning, one late afternoon. .

I've also noticed I'm not hungry at luch the last two days.  I eat a good health breakfast though.   Wow that would be nice to loose alittle weight.!!!!!!!!!!
Anyone  else notice anything?

I take more because I'm having Tremors,  I don't hear hardly anyone having these, but that make me feel crazy.  My tremors have not changed yet, ......but  yes, my mood has.

I will continue to post.

Thank you John, ..........I.Encourge everyone to post, to see whats going on. And learn from each  other.

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I have to run and get more.  Wouldn't you know it, I only had four left in my bottle and took the last one yesterday evening.  I did sleep really well last night, but after only two days, might be just a coincidence, but even if it's just a placebo effect, who cares!

I am very excited about this!
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Yup, I just bought more also.
I've been taking Primrose Oil for about one year.
I'm a female and so I've noticed positive changes in my skin and hair and nail especially.

Sometimes, anti-depressants can cause skin problems, and so Primrose Oil sure took care of that for me. :-)

BTW, I take between 500-1000 mgs per day.
Seems to do the trick for me.  
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Fish oil and Evening primrose should be taken with meals, preferably one with fat in it.  GABA is not well absorbed as a supplement; better bet is to take taurine, the amino acid that makes GABA along with B6.  And amino acids should be taken apart from food.  On the other hand, if something is working the way you're doing it, that's the way to do it.  You know, I take fish oil, it's supposed to help, but hasn't.  Maybe give this a try, too, who knows?
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Today is the 5 th day for me, I feel great.  I am totally a different person, I feel like me again.

My body is still hanging on with the tremors, but it used to be hard for me to go into grocery stores and pick up items without getting nerved out.  Today I went in and didn't think anything about it.  I got home and was like OH MY Goodness, I forgot that this is no big deal when your mind is working right.

This is a big step for me, even though yall may say     WHAT?   Grocery store?
I don't know why it was so hard for me, but it was just one of those crazy things , that I dreaded doing, because of the way it made me feel.

I don't understand why this is working so well, I've tried so many different things,

God has truly blessed me.

I hope that it is helping yall too.  
Everyones body is made alittle different , But I sure hope yall are having good results.
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mamia, that is soo wicked.   I used to be all social phobia'd out like that too. But primrose oil helped that TOO for me.  Same exact thing when going to stores... I'm better with the eye contact & stuff.  I dont get nervous like I used to.   The primrose definitely does something for that too.  

I may even increase my dose a tad too.. I'm only at 1000 MG a day.  

Even when talking to my dad the other day, he was like "you sound different".  lol..  I guess he's more used to my depressed / emotional self...but when I sounded all uplifting to him, he was prolly shocked.  

Glad to hear its working for you guys.. Mamia, I had the tremors too when I was withdrawing off of anti-depressants.. It lasted up to a MONTH !  And then finally ended eventually.   Were u recently on one ?

How could this miracle natural drug be ignored for so long ?  The best natural anti-depressant if you ask me.  Screw all the other stuff..
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Interesting comments on primrose. But this part is probably not correct as they could care less about industry. They are just science people.
"Yuk, of course their going to say crap like that.  Anything to cover up for the pharmaceuticals."

I have had a sore stomach lately and occasional butterflies may be the cause although it can be a chicken egg thing. I have nothing to be anxious about but seem to be anticipating simple personal deadlines as if they might not be met. I might try this for a few days to see if the butterflies go away.
I don't know if I would be taking this without a doctor's consultation if I was on a med or coming off one though.
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