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Scared,sad and crying

What makes me feel like this all the time..I'm  scared that something bad is going to happen to one my family members,My life has always been sad,I always think of the past,I think things that happen to me or someone said something bad about me. I  want to forget .
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The past and future keep out of your head. For now concentrate only on the present moment. What does it smell like ?  Feel the breath going into your body. Breath in deeply threw your nose. Let the air fill your lower stomach. Hold the breath. Now breath out for a count of 8. Make sure you expell all the old air. This old air is the past. Feel it leaving your body. Now it's gone.
Breathe in again very deeply. This is the present moment. Notice the colors in the room, look at everything very closely. Now exhale again and this time close your eyes. Feel a rebirth. That this moment in time anything and everything is possible. Continue to do this for 20 min. A feeling of peace will come over you. There won't be anymore worry. There will only be NOW. And now is safe. You have all you need. There is no danger now. There is no past in the present moment. There is no future in the present moment.
  You are now mindful. You know future events will unfold. Worry in the present moment will not prevent what will happen in the future. Worry in the present moment will not alter the events of the past.
  Be happy about your future. Set goals to make each moment of eah day a positive experience. If you feel yourself slipping into old mind patterns of distress. Take a moment. Collect your thoughts. Return to the breathing experiences. This will keep you in the present moment and focus your attention on what is happening now.
  Don't like what you're doing now? Then change it. Go out and meet someone new by doing things you have a passion about.
  I love animals. I met a new friend by volunteering to raise and hand feed orphan kittens. Love children? Offer to teach bible class at your local church.
  Do you get the idea. You do not control the future by worrying about the past.
  All we have is now. Start your better present moments. Every hour you will feel better and have more inspiration. All the best. Maxy
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