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Sex problems with anti-depressants

I have been diagnosed with major depression disorder and prescribed 50mg sertraline and 50mg trazodone at night to help sleep. No problems at all with the trazodone, they help me sleep good! At first the sertraline had very bad side effects but the did taper off. About a month after my diagnosis i found out i haveHyperthyroidism which most likely was the cause to my anxiety symptoms. Well, i liked the sertraline at first but i now notice i'm exremely tired after taking the pill and i have problems "getting it up" and all the way!! This is my major concern!! can someone give me some insight or has anyone experienced something like this? I was told my over active thyroid gland probably helped develop my depression and should continue taking the medicine but to also tell my mental doc asap about the side effects that have become evident
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Many antidepressants have sexual side effects.  The ones that don't tend to be very stimulating.  My concern is that if you know your problem is owing to hormonal problems, the antidepressant won't treat that, so what's the point of taking it?  Proper treatment of the thyroid should get rid of the problem if indeed that's the source.  Of course, the only way to find out is to stop taking the antidepressant to find out -- if you do, make sure you taper off as slowly as you need to so you don't have the side effects of quitting.  But again, if the thyroid is the problem, taking an antidepressant is just taking an additional drug, and because it can make you not care about the thyroid problems you might not be as able to determine whether the treatment of your thyroid is appropriate.  Up to you, but I'd discuss it with your doc.
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