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Stopped Proxac now maybe celexa

I stopped prozac due to dizziness and weight gain and no sex drive,dr has suggested celexa.Is it ok to go from one antidepressnat so soon after stopping the prozac and doesnt celexa cause same side effects
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Hi. I have tried many different meds and am now on Celexa. It is one of the meds with the lowest side effects. I switched from Paxil because of the weight gain to Effexor and then Celexa all back to back. It is fine to do and you should start to lose the weight soon. I gained 40 lbs on Paxil and lost 15 once I switched. I don't have many side effects now. Just severe yawning lol. Also I can sleep a lot but that has always been normal for me. Anyway, good luck and if you have any questions feel free. I have plenty of exp in this area : )
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