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Struggling to do coursework

I've suffered with depression for a year now and it's really taking over my life.
Does anyone have any ideas on how I can sit down and do my coursework?
It stresses me, causes me great anxiety and a lot of negative thoughts.
How can I motivate myself to do my A level coursework without negative thoughts barging in and causing me great distress?
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I would seek professional help to find and deal with the cause of the depression.  A good therapist will also help you learn your triggers and some good tools to use to combat this given your specific set of symptoms.

In the meantime, you can try journaling and exercise (at the very least, a walk whenever weather permits).

As far as homework, you can give yourself tiny goals.  As each is met, you give yourself a reward.  My thing was I'd let myself have a piece of chocolate after a certain amount of problems or (on a really good day) after I was completely finished with a subject altogether.  
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