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Switching anti-depressants, but what to?

i want to avoid being on anything that means I have to avoid foods, i have very little appetite due to my eating disorder and being on sertraline, I need medication that doesn't limit my diet EVEN MORE, as it makes things a bit tricky. I'm mainly hopefully switching medication because after two months on sertraline I probably feel more depressed than when I began
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As far as I know the only class of meds that have severe dietary restrictions are MAO inhibitors, which aren't used much anymore.
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Hi, yeah what Paxiled says is true. SSRIs and SNRIs don't seem to have food interaction. The odd one will tekk you to avoid raspberry or grapefruit juice, but that's it.
If you want an appetite Citalopram encourages food consumption.
Have tried most SSRIs and snris, although everyone's experience, side effects etc are mostly different.
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Not sure citalopram is any different than other ssris in encouraging food consumption -- depends on the person.  And some can make you gain weight even if you don't eat any additional food because they can slow metabolism.  The only real weight gainer that makes most people eat more that I know of is the tetracyclic Remeron.
Was on citalopram for 21 years and everyone I know put weight on. When I swopped for rhodiola rosea for a year I lost 5 stones. Some are def worse than others for weight gain.
Contrary to popular beliefs I gained on fluoxetine too.
Off antidepressants I'm about 8 half stone. On them 11-15 stones
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Oh, and grapefruit juice is contraindicated with most medications, at least at the time you're taking them.  Something that isn't a food but a nutrient, magnesium, shouldn't be taken at the same time as taking any medication that affects the brain as pharmaceutical companies use the magnesium pathway to get past the blood/brain barrier.  But neither of these is really a food issue of the kind that exists with MAO inhibitors.
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