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Very bad depression

I try to help my son he went to collage he is smart  but has no job no friends. No one really helps him he is seeing dr but all the do is giving him pills  I don't know what to do his dad is  not helping and I have no familie here  my son wants to end his live  no matter what I say he will not try anymore to find help he says  when the am dead this is the only help I will get if you tell his dr that he says you know I need to report that well so my son is not telling the truth no more he was 3 times in a hospital just the asking him how are you feeling .....what is wrong with ppl please I need help and my son needs that even more
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You say doctor -- is the doctor a psychiatrist or a regular doc?  Psychiatrists are much better at this than your regular doc.  They do have to report suicidal urges if they think the person is in a state to actually try it -- lots of people say they want to die but really don't.  Psychiatrists deal with this as a specialty; regular docs don't.  He also needs a psychologist to do talk therapy with, because while the right drugs eventually might treat the symptoms, they don't cure the problem.  It would also give him someone at a distance to talk to.  But nobody can help a person who doesn't want help -- you have to want to work very hard to get better for anything, including medication, to work.  You have to take it when it's prescribed and how it's prescribed.  You have to tell your psychiatrist when something isn't working so they can taper you off properly and try something else.  It is true that if you see any kind of doctor, whether a general one or a psychiatrist, all they will do is give drugs.  If you want something else, you get therapy.  Most psychiatrists don't do that anymore, they just prescribe drugs, and psychologists are less expensive for the same service if he's willing to talk to someone about this who might be able to reach him.  When you say his Dad isn't helping, do you mean they're not in contact, or he doesn't care, or he's given up trying, which happens?
My son is trying to get better he does see a psychiatrist he takes all his medication  but the don't kick in. His Dr   Is doing everything he can  and we know it is a long road I know he does not want to take his live . He just want help and as long as he has me  that is just what I do  and I meant his dad has his bad problems he is veteran he is not strong enough to be there for anyone he is a good man but he can't help anyone so I do all of it .for my husband and my son. I thank you for your concern it is actually make me tear up amid we are not used to anyone caring thank you
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If your son is threatening suicide, you can call the police or 911 for an ambulance and he will be involuntarily committed for observation.  A psychiatrist will then assess his risk to himself or others.  Please also check your email and inbox associated with this account for resources.  We wish you and your son the best.  
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