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bpd or depression or bipolar

My moods are highly sensitive to the environment esp interpersonal interaction and to some extent activity . I can easily go up from depths of depression within a few hours if a positive event like talking to a good friend or a stranger talks nice to me or even a "perceived " romantic attraction to  a member of opposite sex . I am a diagnosed chronic depressive (dysthymic ) for 20 years with minimal or no response to many antidepressants . So i am thinking whether my main problem is borderline traits ( i am not a full blown case )  ..

My question to my friends is are any of u "pure depressives " constantly on a daily rollercoaster of moods depending on environment or as the literature says generally in pure mood disorders u dont snap out of it in hours again and again  in absence of personality disorder (i may be wrong )  .. imputs welcome  ..
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Hi friend,

wow, you sound exactly like me although in the past I've been diagnosed as "high free floating anxiety and panic disorder with rapid cycling bi polar disorder"  whew!

I am on Welbutrin now and have been for the last 15yrs. off and on.
I have been this way all my life and I am 54 yrs. now.  The Welbutrin is
the only a/d that has worked for me without side effects.  I've tried a lot
of others over the yrs. A LOT. All of them had severe side effects for
me and I just couldn't hack it.  I have also wondered if I was BPD as I
have some of the traits too.

Yes some days are a rollercoaster like nobody would believe.  In the depths of despair one minute and then the next I could be right out of that mood and onto another.

You are not alone.
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Hi!  Both of y'all sound like you feel just like I do.  It's actually good to know that I am not just a crazy lady.  My moods almost always are influenced by my environment.  I have a special needs son who is 19 and an 11 year old who is has bipolar w/depression so I know my load and it's always a heavy one.  But I was just telling my husband this morning that I know I have triggers, even the silly dog will trigger a mood. I can't change my environment so what could I change?  I am on Wellbutrin also.  I have tried other anti-depressants too but it seems to be the only one that takes the edge off. Every day after my day is over, that is when I can get back to myself and unravel the events and moods of my day.  I think to myself, wow, I evidently have little control over how I feel.  Recalling my day just makes me feel negative emotions all over again and triggers another roller coaster.  I know I used to be a sweeter person but it's getting harder.
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