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im hoping some one can tell me that my g.p is wrong, i lost my farther in 1999 he hung himself, in 2005 i gave birth to my baby chris who sadly died in 2006 of sudden death and in 2007 my brother died same way as my dad, after going through the deaths i was in a violent relationship which led me to loosing 3 beatiful children to adoption. i gone down hill alot i go to my g.ps and doctor saying im not depressed !!!!!!!!!!

i dnt knw i coped through the years but i know now i cant be as strong as i was.
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your stronger than you know!!! hold on dont give up hope!! there is a light at the end of the tunnel
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I see you are from the UK, and I have no info about the doctors or their diagnosis there.  

If he says you are not depressed, did he give you a diagnosis about why you feel so bad and what you can do about it..??

Hold on, I am sure that we here as a community can be very helpful to you with your questions...

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ask for referral to a psychiatrist. Your GP is a Dbag. God bless and hang in there
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You cant ways trust what doctors say. Ive been depressed all my life and they still say im looking for attention. Im sorry you lost your kids. That woukd make anyone sad. I lost a child to. I know depression comes with losing a child. If you dont know how or who to get help from get it out in a journal or here. Vebting helps.
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