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im sooooooooo fed with life

for the past 2 years i feel like **** excuse my french im fedup with everything i feel ;like a failure.nothing in life is going wrigth for me i cant fall asleep anymore i lost intrest in everything i lost touch with  my friends i have low self esteem im in dept im failing my college courses i lost the job i love. my brother who i was very close to i lost touch with im going nowhere in life i feel like such a waste, i cant find a new girlfriend cause i feel like  **** and i have trouble comuncating with others for some reason i got very shy i was never like this before im always tired whats wrong with me
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i subscribed to sunny hills daily quotes!
hopefully they'll provide whatever little hope and faith in self!
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There is nothing wrong with you! These really are problems alot of other people have.  So many people are in debt right now. I just had to file bankruptcy and im only 24. while i was in school i lost alot of freinds but have regained them by just making the first step and calling them. If you have trouble communicating you can message me i like meeting new people if you need someone to talk to!!

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It sounds like you are dealing with a bit of depression. Self-isolation and concentration are elements of depression. When you are feeling bad everything else seems to compound itself. The best thing you can do is see your family doctor or doctor on campus and get a referral to a psychiatrist. I had my first serious bout of depression while in university and my grades plummetted ugh. So hang in there, it will get better.
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