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screaming in my head, why???

Does anybody ever hear screaming in there head,  like somebody is actually inside your head screaming? It happens to me a lot, and often times I mistake it for a real person at first. Then it just doesnt go away. Why does this happen?? I really want it to stop!
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*hugs* honey I don't think you are crazy but if you hear something so strong going on in your head that makes you feel this bad, then perhaps you need to talk to someone. Have you been going to a therapist?

xoxoxoxo Anna
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Thank you! Hugs
I havent been seeing my therapist for awhil, but i see a p-doc every thursday and i have tried music it works a little but not enough..i want to tear all my hair out thats how much it drives me crazy.
I got to my pdoc at 3:30 todat but i dont know if ill be able to tell him. Its hard for me too tell someone in person whats going on, and im always afraid he is going to send me away again
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I'm sorry, this sounds terrible. Voices of sorts can come along with mental health issues. When my eating disorders began I developed a voice in my head, like a complete stranger was living in my head. It was what made me starve myself, it had control. Sometimes I still get it but not day and night like before. It's important to tell you doctor before it progresses. Dont let it take control! Take care friend, my heart goes out to you on this one. (HUGS)
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Thank you!!! Hugs!
Im kind of scared to tell my doc though, maybe ill come around to it one of these days. Im sorry you have to deal with it to..its so frusterating
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I know what you are going through. I am dealing with this exact problem right now. I have never taken medication for it before, and I have tried talk to therapists and I have yet to find something that helps. I actually broke down today into tears because I couldn't make it stop. I'm not sure what to do anymore.
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You both need to tell your doctors about it.  There's no reason to be afraid to talk to your doctors about it.  That's what they are there for--to help you.  You may need to go to a psychiatrist.  There is most likely a medication that will help you.  You both are suffering with it so much.  You really should get treatment for it.  Give yourselves a better life.  Good luck.  
Doctors do not have a clue, you tell them that there is a high pitched tone in your head and they just shrug, A Tibetan secret doctrine says if you focus on the high pitched tone and then visualize it reducing to a mustard seed, I have tried constantly and have yet to succeed. Stress definitely makes it worse. I have epilepsy also, they have drugs for this but not the high pitched scream, it's like a steel wheel scraping against a rail of steel. I will continue to meditate as best I can, if anything works I'll be sure to share with all who can relate, if it ain't happening to you then I can guarantee that you cannot relate.
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