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sex without condoms

For women who've lost their children due to abusive men,  is having a new baby the only way to help get over it?  what if your too wore down to keep going back and forth to court or your kids are too old or you don't want to have to deal with his family anyways or your own? If you couldn't find someone to have a child with could it cause depression to the point of suicide?  and what if your sex partner knew how you felt,  still has sex but doesn't use condoms but doesn't copulate and causes you to become mad with a hysterical womb month after month?  
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Before trying to have more children I would go to a support group for women who are survivors of domestic violence. In a respectful relationship it should not be a request for the other partner to use protection. It should be a given and if they will not that is abusive in itself, given the risk of std's and pregnancy and I would discontinue the relationship. I would say these issues are very pressing and a therapist would be good but certainly a support group where you could to talk to other women in a highly confidential setting who may very well have been through these exact same issues themselves.
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