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wellburtin AND PROZAC

Can wellburtin and prozac be taken together.   MY doctor feels because I am  still depress I should take Prozac in the morning and wellburtin in the afternoon.  Is this quite normal?  I am also taking (mobic , hydroxychkoroquine,fFOLBIC,evista,methotrexate(3 tablets a week) FOR MY ARITHRITIS(RHU.)  AND OSEOP.)   I am also taking alprazolam for anxiety 3 x a day.   Now my psch. feels I need to add prozac.  I want some imformation about this drug with all of the others I must take to my  knees and etc.   Looking to hear from you.   Thanksl   revdrbobjr.
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No problem taking those two meds together. They are very different from each other and there is no risk of interaction between the two.

Prozac can be very effective when combined with Welbutrin. So much so that after a couple months on Prozac you should be able to reduce or eliminate the Alprazolam.

Prozac can be very effective at controling Anxiety as well as depression.

Your Doctor is wise. You should follow his advice on that. His ultimate goal is probably to eliminate the Alprazolam eventually, as it's really not a long term solution and can be addictive. You would be supprised at how well Prozac can eliminate Anxiety.

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