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daughters sun sensitive skin rash

My daughter has always had a face that got very red in the sun, especially under her eyes...even w/ sun screen.  This summer she has had a bout of fifth's disease and now has the same sun sensitivity and an itchy rash on her arms and behind her knees.  The fifth's disease was almost 2 months ago.  The rash is definately worse in the sun but also seems to get worse when she is very warm.  The rash is itchy and burns when I put sunscreen on her.  Our dermatologist perscribed a topical steroid which seemed to make the rash worse and spread.  I have many autoimmune issues and am very concerned this could be something like lupus.  We return to the Dr. in 2 weeks.
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I am glad that you asked this question here and we will be happy  to answer it for you.

I think I would like to agree with you here. The symptoms that you have described and your history of a Lupus condition, should incite any doctor to think that the child may also have early lupus.

It is therefore important that you get the child evaluated for lupus through the blood tests.
Does she have any other condition. Is her kidney functions normal?

Let me know if you may need any other help
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My daughter had a outbreak of hives the end of July, The OR gave her new allergy meds and 5 days worth of steroids, it cleared up. Within a week she had the reddish rash back, hands and feet swelling, rash on arms and legs. It itches alot on her back.Nobody seems to know what she's allergic to, please help, I also have concerns about LUPUS.
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