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10+ year foot (not nail) fungus - desperate - anything else to try?

2004/2005 Obtained a nasty fungus between my toes, and warts on the bottoms of feet, from a week of being wet in northern Australia while we waited out a typhoon in the garage of a cantina. In the early years I tried all sorts of over the counter creams and powders for the fungus (warts eventually went away after hitting what seemingly was "the mother wart" on my finger), I've tried Isopropyl, H2O2, and a few prescription creams. This was all back in the US.

It always returns in the end.  My feet do not itch and it's primarily between my two smallest toes.  Eventually it discolors a bit, begins to stink, and is seemingly always a bit moist after it fully returns.  Recently moved to the Netherlands and have started working on my health - lose a bit of weight, walk more (I have hypertension), eat healthier, etc.   So I decided to try and tackle the feet again - I just completed 3 months of daily Dessenex, daily foot scrubs, always new socks, rotate shoes, and gold bond medicated powder for the shoes.  As soon as that was over I even bought a new pair of shoes.  A week and a half later and I can tell it's starting to come back, I've kept up the daily foot scrubs and never reuse unwashed socks.  

I'm at a loss at this point and in the Netherlands medication is more of a joke left for the over medicated USA.  The best you'll find here is a doctor to prescribe a daily foot wash with dish soap or antifungals not marketed for foot use.

The only thing I can think of is that I picked up something special in AUS that's not your typical athletes foot.  It might also help to point out that no one who has ever shared, or used the same shower as I, has ever reported picking up a a foot fungus.
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