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Allergic reaction to meds or face wash?


Just wondering, I've seemed to have a horrible allergic reaction to either Neutrogena face wash OR Rosasol (perscription for Rosacea). So bad in fact that I needed to go to the emergency room yesterday morning. My skin, from my chin to my eye brows is burning, red, itchy and my face has swelled like crazy, especially around my eyes. So, my question is this...

I was just RX Rosasol last week, used it all last week with no problems. I also ran out of my normal Neutrogena face wash, went to buy some more. They didn't have any, so I bought Neutrogena Deep Pore wash. The day after using Neutrogena (Tues morning), my face started reacting. Now, about 4 months ago, I had used an Avon product (Deep cleansing) and my face did almost the same thing, without the swelling). The common ingredient is Salicylic Acid! I'm sure to avoid those ingredients in the future.

So, now I'm on Prednisone, Benadryl and not using any creams, RX or otherwise. My eyes still haven't come down from the heavy swelling (my left eye was almost swelled shut). Skin is still burning and very tight.

Was wondering if I'm maybe mistaken about the cleansing products causing this reaction or if it's the Rosasol? (I had been on Metronidazole a few years ago, with no problems... same ingredient as Rosasol) Should I also be wary of taking aspirin now, since that's a salicylic acid as well?

Oh well, just hoping the swelling goes down fast and the itching/burning subsides fast... my face hurts!

thanks for reading this  

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I have very sensitive skin and am on loritate (metro-cream) for rosacea. I get the same type of reaction to almost all cleaning agents for the face. I also have seborrheic dermatitis flare ups. I can only use a very mild cleanser called Purpose by Johnson & Johnson. I think that I've tried almost every cleanser out there only to give it to my sisters as they don't have skin problems. The deep cleansers are the worst and never try a mint mask, I can't remember what company put it out. Also, I thought the newer pads with soap in them would be great, I felth like I had been scrubbed with sand paper, then sunburned badly-which sounds like what you have explained. Try washing with just plain h2o for a few days then you may see it is the wash. Best of luck and totally feel for you.tmv
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HI tmv

Thanks for your reply.  My face, thankfully, is almost back to normal now. (it's almost a week since it began).
The only thing now is my face is peeling... not in a sunburn kind of way, but in a dry skin way.  So, I guess it was probably burned by the cleanser I had used.  

I'll look for that cleanser you mentioned.  So far, I've only been using plain, clear water on my skin.. I'm afraid to use anything else.

You know, I'm 39 years old, and so frustrated with having skin problems... I'm sure all adults with adult acne or rosacea feel the same way. I  would love just one month/week/day with absolutely beautiful skin. My 15 yr old daughter has that beautiful skin... (I hate to say it, but I'm jealous. LOL)  I think she's had all but 2 pimples ever!  

Sorry for ranting on... lol   I just don't have any friends with the same skin concerns as I have.  Sometimes it feels good to just growl about my skin.  LOL  ok, I'm laughing at myself now for just typing on and on!  

Thanks again tmv........... it was great to read your post ;)

Take care,
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Oh yeah, I almost forgot but you probably already know to never try microderm abrasion, whew it's awful too.  Your welcome, I know that I'm the only one in my family and no friends with the same thing. So I do a lot of trial and error. My problems started when I was about 32 (now 36). I always heard your body starts to fall apart after your thirties, but I didn't realize it does it all at one time!LOL!  Anyhow, the peeling will ease up. It's like a chemical burn, 1st degree. I used plain h2o as well for about a year or so. Take care and God Bless. tmv
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I used a face care product,that made my skin look very good, unto the point people would stop me and ask me what I used on my face. Well the maker of the face cream, made a new inproved verion and guess what? I run out and got it. well I uesed the product for 2 weeks .when my face my face kept getting darker and darker. I thought that well maybe I was not drinking enough water.but then I started to turn a yellow green color, then a gray brown color.well yes I then figered out that it was my face cream so i stopped useing it. It has been a week now and Iam no longer yellow green or dark brown but Iam still not my normal color so I was wondering just how long does it take to clear up after somthing like this?
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I just used a cream and face wash with Salicylic acid in it two days ago.  My skin began itching and burning yesterday...and I couldn't help it, I scratched it and scratched it! Then I got home and washed my face with a different cleanser that my husband uses....it too had Salicylic acid in it!  My face is now slightly swollen and red, my pores are huge, and my skin feel like leather.  Also, I think I might have gotten some on my lips, because my lips are feeling funny now!!  The worst part of all of this is TOMORROW IS MY BIRTHDAY! We are all going out, and I look like a puffy, red, leather face!  What can I do????????  I washed my face with a hand wash with cocobutter in it, and I have put on tons of lotion to moisturize....but I still look and feel NASTY!  
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I am sooooo glad to read these posts. I used the Neutrogena Acne kit and had no real isses. The first couple of days it was a little rough on my skin, but I adjusted the amounts I used and it was fine. So I ran out of the cleanser and I still had plenty of the other products from the kit left so I bought similar Neutrogena face cleanser (thinking it was about the same). Well... my face and neck broke out in tiny little bumps and it feels like sunburn alsmost. My skin is rough as if it is really really dry. I got it on my lips a little and they are super dry.. my initial thought was I wasnt drinking enough water. I am going to try to use baby oil to remove my makeup and use dove or a different gentle soap on my face until this clears up. Even the lotion that comes with the Acne Kit is not touching the dry rash on my face!
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