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Corns, warts, or what?

Recently, on the bottom of my foot, I hae developed these weird little things.  They lie on top of extremely thick calluses (I used to be a ballet dancer, and my really thick calluses are still lingering on the outer side of my big toe and the ball of my foot) and were yellowish and had the appearance of a hole, but sometimes have this little cover over them.  They are both on the same foot, and on the same area of my foot, that big toe has been randomly getting infected (the base of the nail was oozing pus for a while and my toe was painful red and puffy and the nail now is weird and ingrown, thick, discolored, and looks like it could eventually fall off, I don't know if it's related or not but I thought it was interesting that this was all on the same foot happening around the same time).  The one on my big toe looks strange; it's like three little weird things clustered together and then the one on the ball of my foot was one singular circle.  They started to really hurt to walk on, so I started using salicyclic acid to try to get rid of them, and I would pumice or file skin off every few days or so.  

Today, I pulled what looked like a really long, but thinner, root and top off of the ball of the foot thing.  It resulted in A LOT of bleeding and left a little hole in my foot.  I was really not expecting all of that bleeding and it kind of hurt.  I'm not really sure what to do about that one now.  The cluster on my big toe is still not really going away, its like weird discolored, uncomfortable skin with a spot that looks like a hole and two other weird looking areas; I'm just continuing the salicylic acid on that one.  

**while on the topic of potential warts, I thought I would add that I have had this wart on my left index finger for years, to the lower right side adjacent to the nail, but very recently it has gotten SO big and two more little ones are forming right next to it and they kind of hurt now and its starting to pull the skin awayfrom my nail a little bit.  These look different thought from my foot ones, they are raised and clearish-white with little dark specks, so I started using salicylic acid on these too.  

So what is all of this?!
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Please, somebody!  I can't any sort of doctor visit right now I need some advice!
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Looks like a pressure induced corn which has bled after erosion from salycilic acid.
Get a Micro Cellular Rubber footwear, and apply vaseline till things settle.ok?
Best wishes.
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