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Dry lips all the time

For the past two weeks, I have suffered from very dry lips. The outside of my lips have been very crusty and burn whenever I don't have chapstick on. The sides of my mouth keep cracking no matter what I put on them. I have tried Chapstick brand, I have tried Aquaphor brand and Bliztex Medicated ointment on my lips with no results. The outside of my bottom lips has raised bumps and I am constantly rubbing yellow crust off of them.
Can someone please suggest something. My Dr. is out of town until the first of the month and I am dying with itchy crusty lips that nothing but a wet wash cloth seems to soothe.
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My lips do this if I use certain brands of lip balm and if I don't exfoliate them at least once a day.

I use my face brush with my face wash rinsed off and on the slow speed setting to get the stuff that's peeling and ick off. You can use your toothbrush, too, or a clean washcloth.

I'm not a fan of ChapStick brand at ALL. Everything they make has made my lips worse and caused cracked corners in my lips. I like Blistex, Burt's Bees, and for daytime when I want a little color, Maybelline Baby Lips.

I really like Blistex Deep Renewal for whenever. I wear it alone and under lipstick. When I have really bad cracked lips in the corners, I use Eucerin cream and glob it on the corners (you're doing it right when you look ready for a night out ;) ) of my lips until they clear up. It's not really cute, but it does the job.

I know Lysine is good for cold sores, I don't know if it's helpful for chapped lips, but I doubt it could hurt. Maybe a lip balm with Lysine?

Gentle exfoliation and good lip balm that doesn't cause more irritation is key. :)
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As your lips are crusting over with yellow, sounds like you have impetigo or cold sores.

Ask at the pharmacy to recommend something for this.  If it is impetigo you will need a prescription from the doctor for this.

When the lips keep cracking, it may be that you are lacking in the B group of vitamins.

Make sure also that you drink plenty of water so that you do not get dehydrated.  And do not keep licking your lips that will make it even worse.

Whilst your lips are sore and weepy, do not kiss anyone, because you can spread this.

Best wishes.
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I drink water all day long, way more than I want, seems like I am always peeing now.
I have tried using my toothbrush on my lips, and it seems to have made them worst.
I have asked the pharmacist about recommending something and they just say that I have to go to a dr. I would love to go to a Dr. but he is out of town until the 10th.

Do we have any other recommendation?
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In that case it sounds like you need a prescription for a special cream.

Do not use your toothbrush on your lips - of course it will make it worse.

With the water 2-3 litres per day is recommended, more if you workout or it is very hot.  Overdoing it on the water can be just as dangerous as being dehydrated.

Is there another doctor at the surgery that you can see?

Try apply natural yogurt to your lips before going to bed and see if that helps at all.

Best wishes.
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