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Fast pruning in water

Hi there,i was wondering if anyone could shed some light to our situation here! So my son is 4,for the past almost 2 years i've noticed that he prunes real quick in water like almost immediately! Even if he holds something cold or eats fruits! Now google says that fast pruning relates to cystic fibrosis and i feel a bit anxious about it the least..anyone who has any knowledge about it please can you explain to me why would this happen besides cystic fibrosis? He is not dehydrated for sure,drinks plenty of water. Thanks in advance and looking forward for some answers! :)
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Was your son screened for CF as a newborn? It's done in the US, but I'm not sure about other countries.

There are other conditions that are associated with this, and all can only be diagnosed by a doctor - lupus, diabetes, thyroid disorder -


If you are concerned, he needs to see his doctor. Wishing you the best. :)
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Hi! Thanx for replying! He did not have a newborn test cause in my country  is not standard procedure cause cystic fibrosis is very low in my country. He did have a sweat test which was hands down negative and ialso did genetic testing for 50 most common mutations and was also negative! I have no idea what is causing it and is always there. But cf
Scenario scares me from time to time.
If you are negative, your son can not have CF.

This doesn't mean he shouldn't see his pediatrician, though. This may be nothing, or it may be a symptom of something else. It never hurts to check.
I did take him to his pedi when i first notice it and told him my conserns and he was looking at me like im crazy..so he didnt even take me serioucly..i have researched a bit and read that people with atopic dermatitis can have this! And he does have atopic dermatitis-hyperlinear palms so im wondering if thats the reason. I might just take him to a dermatologist soon! But as i said in my country CF is quite rare,just 40-50 people have it so you can imagine me going to doctors and telling them about fast pruning and cf..
Maybe don't go in asking about CF. Just say that you are concerned about the pruning, and see what they think. They might be more open to looking for possible causes, and you won't limit them to only thinking about CF.

He can't have CF if you aren't a carrier, so maybe dropping that from your questions is a good place to start. :)
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