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HELP!!! White bumps on penis shaft and base

I have white bumps that I've never seen before on the base of my penis and on the shaft I can pop them they don't just look like white head. And it's a hard white like ball that comes out. They're not red at all. I'm 21 am sexually active. Have been with the same girl for the last 6 months and no one I have been with had anything. And is there a way for me to post a pic or send one to someone.
I called my doc but can't get in for a couple weeks do haven't made an appt yet.
It does bleed after popped but still doesn't hurt and it heals up. They don't itch either.
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Yes that helps I'll go to the doc tm but bad thing I shaved already cuz I was trying to see how many bumps there were.
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That sounds like a bad case of Staph infection or a really bad yeast infection. If it's less like cottage cheese (I know it's gross, but it's rare for it to hurt on males), then it is probably a staph infection. It might be embarrassing, but go to the ER and they should give you a cream or antibiotics, sometimes both. If you feel uncomfortable, have a male doctor  take a look and bring your girl along. Refrain from sexual intercourse until it's fully healed, and keep your hands off of it unless you are washing. Unscented soap, and DO NOT SHAVE THAT AREA.

Hope this helps.
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