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Multiple Red Lesions on the face

Hi, I am a 50 yr old man. I was promiscuous a week prior, I had a bad sore through about a week after, I noticed white streaks on my tonsils. For about 24 hours I felt run down, fatigued, loss of appetite. But I have recovered over the last week with antibiotic treatment. During that time I noticed a red bump on my chin and on my cheek, that I accidentally cut while shaving. It got infected. I cut myself again while shaving on a flat skin, yet I noticed another bump that formed. That led to some kind of infection, resulting in multiple lesions. I am washing my face with antibactial soap, applying mupirocin, I haven't shaved. But these bump are starting to look flared and I see scaring. I am also applying hot compressions. Is this a Stpah infection or something else? Its embarrassing to go to work with such lesions. There is no more spread, since I am not shaving.  But I am worried that it could be something worse. Please help.
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The Description you gave of your Throat w/ the White Streaks, along w/ the Symptoms of Fatigue & feeling run down, as well as having a Loss of Appetite Sounds like Strep Throat or Mono, but did you have a Sore Throat or Fever at any point?? Taking Antibiotics, like Penicillin/Amoxicillin would've Helped if it was Strep, & IF it was Strep w/in 24hrs of starting Antibiotics you're no longer Confessors. I actually just learned all about Strep, bc about 1.5wks ago, when I ended up at Urgent Care for a Severe Site Throat only on the Left Side w/ Multicolored Small Patches on my Left Tonsil, but the Redness & Small Red Dots was from the Left side of my Throat to the Right Side. The Quick Snap Test came back Negative, but the Sample they set away to the Lab came back Positive for Strep. The Pain w/ Swallowing was Other Worldly! It was like Swallowing Shards of Glass, Metal & Chunks of Double Sided Sandpaper!! However, Mono is an Entirely different Beast, that I've never had, so Idk much about it & what Antibiotics a Dr would typically give for it. But, I know you typically have Crushing Fatigue & you'll get a Really Weird Rash, that can look like Hives & Ringworm, due to the Shape of the Splotches & I Believe that you can get Lesions w/ Mono.

However, the Sores on your Face could also be Staph Related, which if Staph Lesions aren't Treated promptly they can turn into Celullitis, which is a Step Below MRSA, bc Staph & MRSA are in the same Group of Bacteria Strains. Although, have you ever gotten a Tetanus Shot? I'm only asking bc you said you cut 1 off the Lumps while Shaving & we all know Razor Blades are Metal & the Tiniest bit of Trust can cause Tetanus.

I seen that your Post/Question was from the end of January... Were you able to get to the Bottom of it yet?? How are you feeling now? - Erin
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Oh, I forgot to Add that as Far as your Throat's concerned you could've just had Acute/Mild Tonsillitis VS Strep or Mono.
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